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Assessing Risks to Wildlife

Challenges in Regulating Pesticide Mixtures
Michael Lydy, Jason Belden, Craig Wheelock, Bruce Hammock, and Debra Denton
Assessing Risks to Wildlife Populations from Multiple Stressors: Overview of the Problem and Research Needs.
Wayne R. Munns, Jr.
Assessing Ecological Risks at the Landscape Scale: Opportunities and Technical Limitations
Lawrence A Kapustka
Tackling Biocomplexity with Meta-models for Species Risk Assessment
Philip J. Nyhus, Robert Lacy, Frances R Westley, Philip Miller, Harrie Vredenburg, Paul Paquet, and John Pollak
Understanding the Risk to Neotropical Migrant Bird Species of Multiple Human-Caused Stressors: Elucidating Processes Behind the Patterns.
Ralph S. Hames, James D. Lowe, Sara Barker Swarthout, and Kenneth V. Rosenberg
A Framework for Spatial Risk Assessments: Potential Impacts of Nonindigenous Invasive Species on Native Species
Craig R Allen, Alan R Johnson, and Leslie Parris
Characterizing Species at Risk I: Modeling Rare Species Under the Northwest Forest Plan
Bruce G Marcot
Characterizing Species at Risk II: Using Bayesian Belief Networks as Decision Support Tools to Determine Species Conservation Categories Under the Northwest Forest Plan
Bruce G Marcot, Paul A Hohenlohe, Steve Morey, Russ Holmes, Randy Molina, Marianne C Turley, Mark H Huff, and John A Laurence
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