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Resilience and Change in Arctic Alaska
Guest Editorial
Social and environmental change in the Arctic: emerging opportunities for well-being transformations through stewardship
F. Stuart Chapin, III
Cross-scale risk perception: differences between tribal leaders and resource managers in Arctic Alaska
Berill Blair and Gary P. Kofinas
A decision support tool for assessing cumulative effects on an Arctic migratory tundra caribou population
Don Russell, Anne Gunn, and Robert White
Alaskan wild food harvester information needs and climate adaptation strategies
Casey L. Brown, Sarah F. Trainor, Corrine N. Knapp, and Nathan P. Kettle
Comparing adaptive capacity of Arctic communities responding to environmental change
Matthew D Berman, Jennifer I Schmidt, and Gary P Kofinas
Building adaptive capacity in a changing Arctic by use of technology
Jennifer I Schmidt, Vera H Hausner, and Christopher Monz
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087