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Collaboration and conflicts in complex water governance systems across a development gradient
Understanding what shapes varying perceptions of the procedural fairness of transboundary environmental decision-making processes
Matthew Hamilton
What makes collaborative water governance partnerships resilient to policy change? A comparative study of two cases in Ecuador
Paúl Cisneros
Water community networks and the appropriation of neoliberal practices: social technology, depoliticization, and resistance
Emilie Dupuits
The constitution of hydrosocial power: agribusiness and water scarcity in Ica, Peru
Gerardo H. Damonte
Context matters: horizontal and hierarchical network governance structures in Vietnam’s sanitation sector
Manuel Fischer, Mi Nguyen, and Linda Strande
The unique role of municipalities in integrated watershed governance arrangements: a new research frontier
María Mancilla García, Jacob Hileman, Örjan Bodin, Annika Nilsson, and Pedro Roberto Jacobi
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087