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Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability
Social fields and natural systems: integrating knowledge about society and nature
Lennart Olsson and Anne Jerneck
The interdisciplinary decision problem: Popperian optimism and Kuhnian pessimism in forestry
Johannes Persson, Henrik Thorén, and Lennart Olsson
A critical realist inquiry in conducting interdisciplinary research: an analysis of LUCID examples
Maryam Nastar, Chad S. Boda, and Lennart Olsson
Toward an alternative dialogue between the social and natural sciences
Johannes Persson, Alf Hornborg, Lennart Olsson, and Henrik Thorén
Finding an academic space: reflexivity among sustainability researchers
Ĺsa Knaggĺrd, Barry Ness, and David Harnesk
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087