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Full-Spectrum Evaluation of Sustainability: Insights from Fisheries in Canada
Recommendations for full-spectrum sustainability in Canadian lobster integrated management plans based on a socioeconomic analysis of Barrington, Nova Scotia
Allain J. Barnett
Distribution of fishery benefits and community well-being: a review of increased access to the Eastern Nova Scotia snow crab fishery
Kevin Squires and Melanie G Wiber
Alternative environmentalities: recasting the assessment of Canada’s first Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishery in social terms
Paul Foley, Dinah A. Okyere, and Charles Mather
Using conflict over risk management in the marine environment to strengthen measures of governance
Courtenay E. Parlee and Melanie G. Wiber
The hidden role of processors in an individual transferable quota fishery
Danielle N Edwards and Evelyn Pinkerton
An indicator framework to support comprehensive approaches to sustainable fisheries management
Eric Angel, Danielle N. Edwards, Sarah Hawkshaw, Catarina Wor, and Courtenay E. Parlee
Practical use of full-spectrum sustainability in the Bay of Fundy
Owen P Jones and Robert L. Stephenson
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