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Transforming Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South for Social-Ecological Resilience
Guest Editorial
Transforming asymmetrical conflicts over natural resources in the Global South
Eleanor Fisher, Maarten Bavinck, and Aklilu Amsalu
Structures, actors, and interactions in the analysis of natural resource conflicts
Ton Salman, Marjo de Theije, and Irene Vélez-Torres
“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? The conflict imperative and the slow fight against environmental injustice in northern Peruvian Amazon
Martí Orta-Martínez, Lorenzo Pellegrini, and Murat Arsel
Rethinking capitalist transformation of fisheries in South Africa and India
Ajit Menon, Merle Sowman, and Maarten Bavinck
Failed promises: governance regimes and conflict transformation related to Jatropha cultivation in Ethiopia
Fekadu A Tufa, Aklilu Amsalu, and E. B. Zoomers
Increasing social-ecological resilience within small-scale agriculture in conflict-affected Guatemala
Jon Hellin, Blake D. Ratner, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, and Santiago Lopez-Ridaura
Conflict or cooperation? Social capital as a power resource and conflict mitigation strategy in timber operations in Ghana’s off-reserve forest areas
Mirjam A. F. Ros-Tonen and Mercy Derkyi
Flows of change: dynamic water rights and water access in peri-urban Kathmandu
Anushiya Shrestha, Dik Roth, and Deepa Joshi
Transforming conflicts from the bottom-up? Reflections on civil society efforts to empower marginalized fishers in postwar Sri Lanka
Joeri Scholtens and Maarten Bavinck
Power and politics in stakeholder engagement: farm dweller (in)visibility and conversions to game farming in South Africa
Femke Brandt, Jenny Josefsson, and Marja Spierenburg
South-to-south exchanges in understanding and addressing natural resource conflicts
Kate A. Berry, Bhanumathi Kalluri, and Antonio La Vina
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