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Seeking sustainable pathways for land use in Latin America
The forest transition in São Paulo, Brazil: historical patterns and potential drivers
Adriane Calaboni, Leandro R. Tambosi, Alexandre T. Igari, Juliana S. Farinaci, Jean Paul Metzger, and Maria Uriarte
Multiscale spatial planning to maintain forest connectivity in the Argentine Chaco in the face of deforestation
Sebastián A Torrella, María Piquer-Rodríguez, Christian Levers, Rubén Ginzburg, Gregorio Gavier-Pizarro, and Tobias Kuemmerle
Beyond proximate and distal causes of land-use change: linking Individual motivations to deforestation in rural contexts
Ximena Rueda, Maria Alejandra Velez, Lina Moros, and Luz Angela Rodriguez
The changing chagras: traditional ecological knowledge transformations in the Colombian Amazon
Valentina Fonseca-Cepeda, C. Julián Idrobo, and Sebastián Restrepo
Toward understanding the dynamics of land change in Latin America: potential utility of a resilience approach for building archetypes of land-systems change
Juan C. Rocha, Matilda M. Baraibar, Lisa Deutsch, Ariane de Bremond, Jordan S. Oestreicher, Florencia Rositano, and Cecilia C. Gelabert
Beyond PES and REDD+: Costa Rica on the way to climate-smart landscape management?
Linda Wallbott, Giuseppina Siciliano, and Markus Lederer
Forests expand as livestock pressure declines in subtropical South America
Rafael E Bernardi, Marion Buddeberg, Matías Arim, and Milena Holmgren
A systems thinking approach for eliciting mental models from visual boundary objects in hydropolitical contexts: a case study from the Pilcomayo River Basin
Riveraine S. Walters, Erin S. Kenzie, Alexander E. Metzger, William Jesse Baltutis, Kakali B. Chakrabarti, Shana Lee Hirsch, and Bethany K. Laursen
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087