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Beyond Social-Ecological Traps: Fostering Transformations towards Sustainability
Guest Editorial
Beyond social-ecological traps: fostering transformations towards sustainability
Hampus Eriksson, Jessica L. Blythe, Henrik Österblom, and Per Olsson
The social structural foundations of adaptation and transformation in social–ecological systems
Michele L. Barnes, Örjan Bodin, Angela M Guerrero, Ryan R. J. McAllister, Steven M Alexander, and Garry Robins
Reimagining large-scale open-water fisheries governance through adaptive comanagement in hilsa shad sanctuaries
Martin L van Brakel, Md. Nahiduzzaman, A. B. M. Mahfuzul Haque, Md. Golam Mustafa, Md. Jalilur Rahman, and Md. Abdul Wahab
Postharvest fish losses and unequal gender relations: drivers of the social-ecological trap in the Barotse Floodplain fishery, Zambia
Steven M. Cole, Cynthia McDougall, Alexander M. Kaminski, Alexander S. Kefi, Alex Chilala, and Gethings Chisule
Governance and the making and breaking of social-ecological traps
Dana M. Baker, Grant Murray, and Andrew Kyei Agyare
Building blocks for social-ecological transformations: identifying and building on governance successes for small-scale fisheries
Mark Andrachuk, Derek Armitage, Ha Dung Hoang, and Nam Van Le
Small-scale innovations in coastal communities: shell-handicraft as a way to empower women and decrease poverty
Sara Fröcklin, Narriman S. Jiddawi, and Maricela de la Torre-Castro
Can income diversification resolve social-ecological traps in small-scale fisheries and aquaculture in the global south? A case study of response diversity in the Tam Giang lagoon, central Vietnam
Tong Thi Hai Hanh and Wiebren J Boonstra
Implementing strategies to overcome social-ecological traps: the role of community brokers and institutional bricolage in a locally managed marine area
Dirk J. Steenbergen and Carol Warren
Community based aquaculture in the western Indian Ocean: challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable coastal livelihoods
Mebrahtu Ateweberhan, Joanna Hudson, Antoine Rougier, Narriman S. Jiddawi, Flower E. Msuya, Selina M. Stead, and Alasdair Harris
Intangible links between household livelihoods and food security in Solomon Islands: implications for rural development
Hampus Eriksson, Reuben Sulu, Jessica L. Blythe, Jan van der Ploeg, and Neil Andrew
Escaping social-ecological traps through tribal stewardship on national forest lands in the Pacific Northwest, United States of America
Jonathan W Long and Frank K Lake
Linking marine conservation and Indigenous cultural revitalization: First Nations free themselves from externally imposed social-ecological traps
Lauren E. Eckert, Natalie C. Ban, Snxakila-Clyde Tallio, and Nancy Turner
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