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Telecoupling: A New Frontier for Global Sustainability
Biodiversity conservation in a telecoupled world
L. Roman Carrasco, Joleen Chan, Francesca L. McGrath, and Le T. P. Nghiem
Integration across a metacoupled world
Jianguo Liu
Even at the uttermost ends of the Earth: how seabirds telecouple the Beagle Channel with regional and global processes that affect environmental conservation and social-ecological sustainability
Andrea N. Raya Rey, J. Cristobal Pizarro, Christopher B. Anderson, and Falk Huettmann
Telecoupling Toolbox: spatially explicit tools for studying telecoupled human and natural systems
Francesco Tonini and Jianguo Liu
Operationalizing the telecoupling framework for migratory species using the spatial subsidies approach to examine ecosystem services provided by Mexican free-tailed bats
Laura López-Hoffman, Jay Diffendorfer, Ruscena Wiederholt, Kenneth J Bagstad, Wayne E. Thogmartin, Gary McCracken, Rodrigo L Medellin, Amy Russell, and Darius J Semmens
Land-use change in a telecoupled world: the relevance and applicability of the telecoupling framework in the case of banana plantation expansion in Laos
Cecilie Friis and Jonas Østergaard Nielsen
Transforming governance in telecoupled food systems
Hallie Eakin, Ximena Rueda, and Ashwina Mahanti
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