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Sustainably Managing Freshwater Resources
Guest Editorial
Sustainably managing freshwater resources
Suzie Greenhalgh and Oshadhi Samarasinghe
Volunteer stream monitoring: Do the data quality and monitoring experience support increased community involvement in freshwater decision making?
Richard G. Storey, Aslan Wright-Stow, Elsemieke Kin, Robert J. Davies-Colley, and Rebecca Stott
Indigenous Māori values and perspectives to inform freshwater management in Aotearoa-New Zealand
Garth Harmsworth, Shaun Awatere, and Mahuru Robb
Community perceptions of collaborative processes for managing freshwater resources
Jim Sinner, Philip Brown, and Mark Newton
A new direction for water management? Indigenous nation building as a strategy for river health
Steve Hemming, Daryle Rigney, Samantha L Muller, Grant Rigney, and Isobelle Campbell
Factors influencing successful collaboration for freshwater management in Aotearoa, New Zealand
Nicholas A. Cradock-Henry, Suzie Greenhalgh, Philip Brown, and Jim Sinner
A microeconomic perspective on the role of efficiency and equity criteria in designing natural resource policy
Geoff Kaine, Suzie Greenhalgh, Wendy Boyce, Ruth Lourey, Justine Young, Emma Reed, Blair Keenan, and Sarah Mackay
Policy choice framework: guiding policy makers in changing farmer behavior
Geoff Kaine, Justine Young, Ruth Lourey, and Suzie Greenhalgh
Save water or save wildlife? Water use and conservation in the central Sierran foothill oak woodlands of California, USA
Lynn Huntsinger, Tracy V. Hruska, Jose L. Oviedo, Matthew W. K. Shapero, Glenn A. Nader, Roger S. Ingram, and Steven R. Beissinger
A framework for comparing collaborative management of Australian and New Zealand water resources
Kenneth F. D. Hughey, Chris Jacobson, and Erin F. Smith
Learning from collaborative research on sustainably managing fresh water: implications for ethical research–practice engagement
Margaret L Ayre, Philip J Wallis, and Katherine A Daniell
Facilitating public participation in water resources management: reflections from Tanzania
Jane Eleuter Kabogo, Elizabeth P Anderson, Pendo Hyera, and Godfred Kajanja
Making sense of environmental values: a typology of concepts
Marc Tadaki, Jim Sinner, and Kai M. A. Chan
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