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Human Ecosystems
A New Ecosystems Ecology for Anthropology
Thomas Abel and John Richard Stepp
Assessing Future Ecosystem Services: a Case Study of the Northern Highlands Lake District, Wisconsin
Garry D Peterson, T. Douglas Beard Jr., Beatrix E Beisner, Elena M Bennett, Stephen R Carpenter, Graeme Cumming, C. Lisa Dent, and Tanya D Havlicek
Historical Meadow Dynamics in Southwest British Columbia: a Multidisciplinary Analysis
Dana Lepofsky, Emily K Heyerdahl, Ken Lertzman, Dave Schaepe, and Bob Mierendorf
Nature vs. Nurture: the Making of the Montado Ecosystem
Paulo Miguel Pereira and Manuela Pires da Fonseca
Understanding Complex Human Ecosystems: The Case of Ecotourism on Bonaire
Thomas Abel
Resilience in Pre-contact Pacific Northwest Social Ecological Systems
Ronald L Trosper
Conceptual Models as Tools for Communication Across Disciplines
Marieke Heemskerk, Karen Wilson, and Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman
The Multiple Use of Tropical Forests by Indigenous Peoples in Mexico: a Case of Adaptive Management
Víctor M. Toledo, Benjamín F Ortiz-Espejel, Leni Cortés, Patricia Moguel, and María de Jesús Ordoñez
New Methodologies for Interdisciplinary Research and Action in an Urban Ecosystem in Chicago
Alaka Wali, Gillian Darlow, Carol Fialkowski, Madeleine Tudor, Hilary del Campo, and Douglas Stotz
Infodynamics, a Developmental Framework for Ecology/Economics
Stanley N Salthe
Resource Transitions and Energy Gain: Contexts of Organization
Joseph A Tainter, T. F. H. Allen, Amanda Little, and Thomas W Hoekstra
Remarkable Properties of Human Ecosystems
John Richard Stepp, Eric C Jones, Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman, David Casagrande, and Rebecca K Zarger
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087