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Private Land Conservation – Landowner Motives, Policies, and Outcomes of  Conservation Measures in Unprotected Landscapes
Guest Editorial
The practice and promise of private land conservation
Michael Drescher and Jacob C. Brenner
Perpetual private land conservation: the case for outdoor recreation and functional leisure
James R. Farmer, Jacob C. Brenner, Michael Drescher, Stephanie L Dickinson, and Eric G. Knackmuhs
Motivating residents to combat invasive species on private lands: social norms and community reciprocity
Rebecca M Niemiec, Nicole M Ardoin, Candace B Wharton, and Gregory P Asner
Predators on private land: broad-scale socioeconomic interactions influence large predator management
Hayley S Clements, Graeme S Cumming, and Graham I. H. Kerley
Networking for conservation: social capital and perceptions of organizational success among land trust boards
Tatyana B. Ruseva, James R. Farmer, and Charles Chancellor
Setting priorities for private land conservation in fire-prone landscapes: Are fire risk reduction and biodiversity conservation competing or compatible objectives?
Alexandra D. Syphard, Van Butsic, Avi Bar-Massada, Jon E. Keeley, Jeff A. Tracey, and Robert N. Fisher
It is just not fair: the Endangered Species Act in the United States and Ontario
Andrea Olive
Inequity in ecosystem service delivery: socioeconomic gaps in the public-private conservation network
Amy M Villamagna, Beatriz Mogollón, and Paul L Angermeier
Opportunities and obstacles for rangeland conservation in San Diego County, California, USA
Kathleen A Farley, Kyle C Walsh, and Arielle S Levine
Private landowners and environmental conservation: a case study of social-psychological determinants of conservation program participation in Ontario
Michael Drescher, G. Keith Warriner, James R. Farmer, and Brendon M. H. Larson
Locating financial incentives among diverse motivations for long-term private land conservation
Matthew J. Selinske, Benjamin Cooke, Nooshin Torabi, Mathew J. Hardy, Andrew T. Knight, and Sarah A Bekessy
Landscape and biodiversity as new resources for agro-ecology? Insights from farmers’ perspectives
Nicolas Salliou and Cecile Barnaud
Application of a coupled human natural system framework to organize and frame challenges and opportunities for biodiversity conservation on private lands.
John E. Quinn and Jesse M. Wood
The Capacity-Building Stewardship Model: assessment of an agricultural network as a mechanism for improving regional agroecosystem sustainability
Alison J Duff, Paul H Zedler, Jeb A Barzen, and Deana L Knuteson
Public access to spatial data on private-land conservation
Adena R. Rissman, Jessica Owley, Andrew W. L'Roe, Amy Wilson Morris, and Chloe B Wardropper
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