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Networking the Environment: Social Network Analysis in Environmental  Management and Local Ecological Knowledge Studies
Guest Editorial
Networking the environment: social network analysis in environmental management and local ecological knowledge studies
Matthieu Salpeteur, Laura Calvet-Mir, Isabel Diaz-Reviriego, and Victoria Reyes-García
Participation in protected areas: a social network case study in Catalonia, Spain
Laura Calvet-Mir, Sara Maestre-Andrés, José Luis Molina, and Jeroen van den Bergh
Interhousehold variability and its effects on seed circulation networks: a case study from northern Cameroon
Jean Wencélius, Mathieu Thomas, Pierre Barbillon, and Eric Garine
Social organization influences the exchange and species richness of medicinal plants in Amazonian homegardens
Isabel Díaz-Reviriego, Lara González-Segura, Álvaro Fernández-Llamazares, Patricia L. Howard, José Luis Molina, and Victoria Reyes-García
Comigrants and friends: informal networks and the transmission of traditional ecological knowledge among seminomadic pastoralists of Gujarat, India
Matthieu Salpeteur, Hanoz H. R. Patel, José Luis Molina, Andrea L. Balbo, Xavier Rubio-Campillo, Victoria Reyes-García, and Marco Madella
Good year, bad year: changing strategies, changing networks? A two-year study on seed acquisition in northern Cameroon
Chloé Violon, Mathieu Thomas, and Eric Garine
Effects of farmer social status and plant biocultural value on seed circulation networks in Vanuatu
Mathieu Thomas and Sophie Caillon
Using social network analysis to identify key stakeholders in agricultural biodiversity governance and related land-use decisions at regional and local level
Jennifer Hauck, Jenny Schmidt, and Anja Werner
IPBES, an inclusive institution? Challenging the integration of stakeholders in a science-policy interface
Mohamed Oubenal, Marie Hrabanski, and Denis Pesche
Collective action to save the ancient temperate rainforest: social networks and environmental activism in Clayoquot Sound
David B. Tindall and Joanna L. Robinson
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