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Why does hunting in tropical regions matter?
Effects of social change on wildlife consumption taboos in northeastern Madagascar
Christopher D Golden and Jean Comaroff
The human health and conservation relevance of food taboos in northeastern Madagascar
Christopher D. Golden and Jean Comaroff
Social, biological, and environmental drivers of the hunting and trade of the endangered yellow-footed tortoise in the Amazon
Thaís Q Morcatty and João Valsecchi
Ride, shoot, and call: wildlife use among contemporary urban hunters in Três Fronteiras, Brazilian Amazon
Nathalie van Vliet, Daniel Cruz, Maria Paula Quiceno-Mesa, Lindon Jonhson Neves de Aquino, Jessica Moreno, Rairon Ribeiro, and John Fa
Evaluating the use of local ecological knowledge to monitor hunted tropical-forest wildlife over large spatial scales
Luke Parry and Carlos A. Peres
Bushmeat networks link the forest to urban areas in the trifrontier region between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru
Nathalie van Vliet, Maria Paula Quiceno, Daniel Cruz, Lindon Jonhson Neves de Aquino, Blanca Yagüe, Tatiana Schor, Sara Hernandez, and Robert Nasi
Wild meat consumption on São Tomé Island, West Africa: implications for conservation and local livelihoods
Mariana Carvalho, Francisco Rego, Jorge M. Palmeirim, and John E. Fa
The thrill of the chase: uncovering illegal sport hunting in Brazil through YouTube™ posts
Hani R. El Bizri, Thaís Q. Morcatty, Jéssica J. S. Lima, and João Valsecchi
Indicators for wild animal offtake: methods and case study for African mammals and birds
Daniel J. Ingram, Lauren Coad, Ben Collen, Noëlle F. Kümpel, Thomas Breuer, John E. Fa, David J. C. Gill, Fiona Maisels, Judith Schleicher, Emma J. Stokes, Gemma Taylor, and Jörn P. W. Scharlemann
Cultural attitudes are stronger predictors of bushmeat consumption and preference than economic factors among urban Amazonians from Brazil and Colombia
Carla Morsello, Blanca Yagüe, Letícia Beltreschi, Nathalie van Vliet, Cristina Adams, Tatiana Schor, Maria Paula Quiceno-Mesa, and Daniel Cruz
Beyond protein intake: bushmeat as source of micronutrients in the Amazon
Flavia M. Sarti, Cristina Adams, Carla Morsello, Nathalie van Vliet, Tatiana Schor, Blanca Yagüe, Leady Tellez, Maria Paula Quiceno-Mesa, and Daniel Cruz
Changes in the composition of hunting catches in southeastern Cameroon: a promising approach for collaborative wildlife management between ecologists and local hunters
Hirokazu Yasuoka, Masaaki Hirai, Towa O. W. Kamgaing, Zeun's C. B. Dzefack, Eric Chrétien Kamdoum, and Kadiri S. Bobo
Predicting hunter behavior of indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon: insights from a household production model
Enrique de la Montaña, Rocío del Pilar Moreno-Sánchez, Jorge H Maldonado, and Daniel M Griffith
Evolving hunting practices in Gabon: lessons for community-based conservation interventions
Gretchen Walters, Judith Schleicher, Olivier Hymas, and Lauren Coad
Effects of selective logging on large mammal populations in a remote indigenous territory in the northern Peruvian Amazon
Pedro Mayor, Pedro Pérez-Peña, Mark Bowler, Pablo E Puertas, Maire Kirkland, and Richard Bodmer
From Subsistence to Commercial Hunting: Technical Shift in Cynegetic Practices Among Southern Cameroon Forest Dwellers During the 20th Century
Edmond Dounias
The role of game mammals as bushmeat In the Caatinga, northeast Brazil
Raynner Rilke D. Barboza, Sérgio F. Lopes, Wedson M. S. Souto, Hugo Fernandes-Ferreira, and Rômulo R. N. Alves
Deforestation and hunting effects on wildlife across Amazonian indigenous lands
Pedro de Araujo Lima Constantino
Managing hunting under uncertainty: from one-off ecological indicators to resilience approaches in assessing the sustainability of bushmeat hunting
Nathalie van Vliet, John Fa, and Robert Nasi
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