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Advancing Social-Ecological Research Through Teaching: Social-Ecological Systems Framework and Design Principles in Large Areas
Guest Editorial
Advancing social-ecological research through teaching: summary, observations, and challenges
Natalie C Ban and Michael Cox
An alternative policy evaluation of the British Columbia carbon tax: broadening the application of Elinor Ostrom’s design principles for managing common-pool resources
Karine Lacroix and Garrett Richards
Interplay of multiple goods, ecosystem services, and property rights in large social-ecological marine protected areas
Natalie C Ban, Louisa S Evans, Mateja Nenadovic, and Michael Schoon
Hydropower vs. fisheries conservation: a test of institutional design principles for common-pool resource management in the lower Mekong basin social-ecological system
Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Mikayel Avagyan, Marit Firlus, Georg Helbing, and Margarita Kabakova
Using social-ecological systems theory to evaluate large-scale comanagement efforts: a case study of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
William Tyson
A basic guide for empirical environmental social science
Michael Cox
Pacific Canada’s Rockfish Conservation Areas: using Ostrom’s design principles to assess management effectiveness
Darienne Lancaster, Dana R Haggarty, and Natalie C Ban
The challenges and opportunities of transboundary cooperation through the lens of the East Carpathians Biosphere Reserve
Tanya D Taggart-Hodge and Michael Schoon
Linking classroom learning and research to advance ideas about social-ecological resilience
Natalie C. Ban, Emily Boyd, Michael Cox, Chanda L. Meek, Michael Schoon, and Sergio Villamayor-Tomas
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