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Advancing the Understanding of Behavior in Social-Ecological Systems: Results from Lab and Field Experiments
Guest Editorial
Advancing the understanding of behavior in social-ecological systems: results from lab and field experiments
Marco A Janssen, Therese Lindahl, and James J Murphy
Collective action and the risk of ecosystem regime shifts: insights from a laboratory experiment
Caroline Schill, Therese Lindahl, and Anne-Sophie Crépin
What role can information play in improved equity in Pakistan’s irrigation system? Evidence from an experimental game in Punjab
Andrew Reid Bell, M. Azeem A. Shah, Arif Anwar, and Claudia Ringler
Sharing as risk pooling in a social dilemma experiment
Todd L. Cherry, E. Lance Howe, and James J. Murphy
When death approaches: reverting or exploiting emergent inequity in a complex land-use table-board game
Luís García-Barrios, Raúl García-Barrios, Juana Cruz-Morales, and James A. Smith
Breeding cooperation: cultural evolution in an intergenerational public goods experiment
Vicken Hillis and Mark Lubell
Incorporating local institutions in irrigation experiments: evidence from rural communities in Pakistan
Aneeque Javaid and Thomas Falk
Social roles and performance of social-ecological systems: evidence from behavioral lab experiments
Irene Perez, David J Yu, Marco A Janssen, and John M Anderies
Irrigation experiments in the lab: trust, environmental variability, and collective action
Jacopo A. Baggio, Nathan D. Rollins, Irene Pérez, and Marco A. Janssen
Voluntary disclosure of contributions: an experimental study on nonmandatory approaches for improving public good provision
Ursula W. Kreitmair
Experimental platforms for behavioral experiments on social-ecological systems
Marco A. Janssen, Allen Lee, and Timothy M. Waring
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