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Systems Science for Managing Europe’s Seas
Guest Editorial
Sustaining Europe’s seas as coupled social-ecological systems
Laurence Mee, Philip Cooper, Andreas Kannen, Alison J Gilbert, and Tim O’Higgins
Detecting critical choke points for achieving Good Environmental Status in European seas
Tavis Potts, Tim O'Higgins, Ruth Brennan, Sergio Cinnirella, Urs Steiner Brandt, Juan Luís Suárez de Vivero, Justus van Beusekom, Tineke A Troost, Lucille Paltriguera, and Ayse Gunduz Hosgor
Past and future challenges in managing European seas
Thorsten Blenckner, Andreas Kannen, Alberto Barausse, Christian Fischer, Johanna J. Heymans, Tiziana Luisetti, Valentin Todorova, Matilda Valman, and Laurence Mee
Challenges of achieving Good Environmental Status in the Northeast Atlantic
Karen A Alexander, Peter Kershaw, Philip Cooper, Alison J. Gilbert, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Johanna J. Heymans, Andreas Kannen, Hans J. Los, Tim O'Higgins, Cathal O'Mahony, Paul Tett, Tineke A. Troost, and Justus van Beusekom
Marine spatial planning and Good Environmental Status: a perspective on spatial and temporal dimensions
Alison J. Gilbert, Karen Alexander, Rafael Sardá, Raminta Brazinskaite, Christian Fischer, Kira Gee, Mark Jessopp, Peter Kershaw, Hans J. Los, David March Morla, Cathal O'Mahony, Mia Pihlajamäki, Siân Rees, and Riku Varjopuro
Temporal constraints on ecosystem management: definitions and examples from Europe’s regional seas
Tim O'Higgins, Philip Cooper, Eva Roth, Alice Newton, Andrew Farmer, Ian C Goulding, and Paul Tett
Coping with persistent environmental problems: systemic delays in reducing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea
Riku Varjopuro, Eugeniusz Andrulewicz, Thorsten Blenckner, Tobias Dolch, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Mia Pihlajamäki, Urs Steiner Brandt, Matilda Valman, Kira Gee, Tavis Potts, and Iwona Psuty
Steps toward a shared governance response for achieving Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea
Sergio Cinnirella, Rafael Sardà, Juan Luis Suárez de Vivero, Ruth Brennan, Alberto Barausse, John Icely, Tiziana Luisetti, David March, Carla Murciano, Alice Newton, Tim O'Higgins, Luca Palmeri, Maria Giovanna Palmieri, Pascal Raux, Sian Rees, Joan Albaigés, Nicola Pirrone, and Kerry Turner
A proposed ecosystem-based management system for marine waters: linking the theory of environmental policy to the practice of environmental management
Rafael Sardà, Tim O'Higgins, Roland Cormier, Amy Diedrich, and Joaquin Tintoré
Achieving good environmental status in the Black Sea: scale mismatches in environmental management
Tim O'Higgins, Andrew Farmer, Georgi Daskalov, Stale Knudsen, and Laurence Mee
Potential economic impacts of achieving good environmental status in Black Sea fisheries
Ian C Goulding, Kim A Stobberup, and Tim O’Higgins
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