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Conceptual, Methodological, Practical, and Ethical Challenges in Studying and Applying Indigenous Knowledge
Guest Editorial
Introduction: conceptual, methodological, practical, and ethical challenges in studying and applying indigenous knowledge
Courtney Carothers, Mark Moritz, and Rebecca Zarger
The social nature of environmental knowledge among the nomadic Woɗaaɓe of Niger
Nikolaus Schareika
Measuring perceptions of climate change in northern Alaska: pairing ethnography with cultural consensus analysis
Courtney Carothers, Caroline Brown, Katie J Moerlein, J. Andrés López, David B. Andersen, and Brittany Retherford
Quantitative, qualitative, and collaborative methods: approaching indigenous ecological knowledge heterogeneity
Jeremy Spoon
The challenges of maintaining indigenous ecological knowledge
Joe McCarter, Michael C Gavin, Sue Baereleo, and Mark Love
Enriching indigenous knowledge scholarship via collaborative methodologies: beyond the high tide’s few hours
Julie Velasquez Runk
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087