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Coupled Human-Coastal Ecosystems: Building Resilience through Teaching and Research Partnerships
Grizzly bear monitoring by the Heiltsuk people as a crucible for First Nation conservation practice
William G. Housty, Anna Noson, Gerald W. Scoville, John Boulanger, Richard M. Jeo, Chris T. Darimont, and Christopher E. Filardi
Design considerations for community-based stream monitoring to detect changes in Pacific salmon habitats
Cory R. Lagasse, Wanli Ou, Leah D. Honka, William I. Atlas, Claire N. Hutton, Jana Kotaska, and Morgan D. Hocking
Ecologically sustainable but unjust? Negotiating equity and authority in common-pool marine resource management
Sarah C Klain, Rachelle Beveridge, and Nathan J Bennett
Ancient clam gardens, traditional management portfolios, and the resilience of coupled human-ocean systems
Julia Jackley, Lindsay Gardner, Audrey F. Djunaedi, and Anne K. Salomon
“Everything revolves around the herring”: the Heiltsuk–herring relationship through time
Alisha M. Gauvreau, Dana Lepofsky, Murray Rutherford, and Mike Reid
Toward increased engagement between academic and indigenous community partners in ecological research
Megan S. Adams, Jennifer Carpenter, Jess A. Housty, Douglass Neasloss, Paul C. Paquet, Christina Service, Jennifer Walkus, and Chris T. Darimont
Guest Editorial
Democratizing conservation science and practice
Anne K. Salomon, Ken Lertzman, Kelly Brown, Ḵii'iljuus Barbara Wilson, Dave Secord, and Iain McKechnie
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