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The Recent History and Practice of Local Fisheries in a Globalizing World
Guest Editorial
Conclusions: Reframing the Possibilities for Natural and Social Science Dialogue on the Economic History of Natural Resources
Rosemary E. Ommer and Barbara Paterson
Historical Perspectives and Recent Trends in the Coastal Mozambican Fishery
Jessica L. Blythe, Grant Murray, and Mark S. Flaherty
Small-scale Fisheries Governance and Understanding the Snoek (Thyrsites atun) Supply Chain in the Ocean View Fishing Community, Western Cape, South Africa
Moenieba Isaacs
The Life and Times of Snoek
Marieke Norton
Long-term, Ecosystem-Scale Changes in the Southern Benguela Marine Pelagic Social-Ecological System: Interaction of Natural and Human Drivers
Astrid Jarre, Sven M. Ragaller, and Laurence Hutchings
A Short History of the Namibian Hake Fishery—a Social-Ecological Analysis
Barbara Paterson, Carola Kirchner, and Rosemary E. Ommer
The Chilika Lagoon Social-Ecological System: An Historical Analysis
Prateep K. Nayak
Women and Children First: the Gendered and Generational Social-ecology of Smaller-scale Fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador and Northern Norway
Barbara Neis, Siri Gerrard, and Nicole G. Power
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