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Understanding the Vulnerability and Sustainability of Urban Social-Ecological Systems in the Tropics: Perspectives from the City of San Juan
Guest Editorial
Tropical cities are diverse and deserve more social-ecological attention
Ariel E. Lugo
Food Sources and Accessibility and Waste Disposal Patterns across an Urban Tropical Watershed: Implications for the Flow of Materials and Energy
Diana C. Garcia-Montiel, Julio C. Verdejo-Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Luis Santiago, and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman
Plant species richness and abundance in residential yards across a tropical watershed: implications for urban sustainability
Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Elvia Meléndez-Ackerman, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Diana Garcia-Montiel, Lourdes Lastra, Cielo E. Figuerola, and Jose Fumero-Caban
Uneven Access and Underuse of Ecological Amenities in Urban Parks of the Río Piedras Watershed
Luis E. Santiago, Julio C. Verdejo Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Elvia J. Melendez-Ackerman, and Diana C. Garcia-Montiel
Green area loss in San Juan’s inner-ring suburban neighborhoods: a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing green/gray area dynamics
Luis E. Ramos-Santiago, Luis Villanueva-Cubero, Luis E. Santiago-Acevedo, and Yasha N. Rodriguez-Melendez
Tourism and climate conditions in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2000-2010
Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro, Jose J. Terrasa-Soler, Christian Torres-Peña, Paula Guzmán-González, Sulaine Rodríguez, Mariangely Alemán, and Tatiana Seguinot
Multiple pathways to sustainability in the city: the case of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson
Trends in total rainfall, heavy rain events, and number of dry days in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1955-2009
Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro, Alejandro Nieves-Santiango, and Julieanne Miranda-Bermúdez
Spatio-temporal variation in stream water chemistry in a tropical urban watershed
Alonso Ramírez, Keysa G. Rosas, Ariel E. Lugo, and Olga M. Ramos-González
Socioeconomic drivers of yard sustainable practices in a tropical city
Elvia J. Meléndez-Ackerman, Raúl Santiago-Bartolomei, Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Luis E. Santiago, Diana García-Montiel, Julio C. Verdejo-Ortiz, Harold Manrique-Hernández, and Eduardo Hernández-Calo
The green areas of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Olga M. Ramos-González
Emerging synthesis themes from the study of social-ecological systems of a tropical city
Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson, Ariel E. Lugo, and Braulio Quintero
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087