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Bridging Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa: Changing Contexts, Changing Strategies
Guest Editorial
Conservation and Development in Latin America and Southern Africa: Setting the Stage
Claudia Romero, Simone Athayde, Jean-Gael E. Collomb, Maria DiGiano, Marianne Schmink, Sam Schramski, and Lisa Seales
Empowering Local People through Community-based Resource Monitoring: a Comparison of Brazil and Namibia
Pedro de Araujo Lima Constantino, Henrique Santiago Alberto Carlos, Emiliano Esterci Ramalho, Luke Rostant, Carlos Eduardo Marinelli, Davi Teles, Sinomar Fonseca Fonseca-Junior, Rômulo Batista Fernandes, and João Valsecchi
The Contributions of Regional Knowledge Networks Researching Environmental Changes in Latin America and Africa: a Synthesis of what they can do and why they can be policy relevant
Myanna Lahsen, Mercedes M. C. Bustamante, Robert Swap, Elizabeth McNie, Jean P. H. B. Ometto, Tatiana Schor, Holm Tiessen, Sandy Andelman, and Harold Annegarn
Indigenous Participation in Intercultural Education: Learning from Mexico and Tanzania
Gemma Burford, Susanne Kissmann, Francisco J. Rosado-May, Santos H. Alvarado Dzul, and Marie K. Harder
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