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A Systems Approach for Sustainable Development in Coastal Zones
Guest Editorial
A Systems Approach for Sustainable Development in Coastal Zones
Alice Newton
A Systems Approach Framework for Coastal Zones
Tom S Hopkins , Denis Bailly, and Josianne G. Støttrup
Aspects of Mussel-Farming Activity in Chalastra, Thermaikos Gulf, Greece: An Effort to Untie a Management Gordian Knot
Zoi I. Konstantinou, Yannis N. Krestenitis, Dionysis Latinopoulos, Kalliopi Pagou, Sofia Galinou-Mitsoudi, and Yiannis Savvidis
Zebra Mussel Farming in the Szczecin (Oder) Lagoon: Water-Quality Objectives and Cost-Effectiveness
Gerald Schernewski, Nardine Stybel, and Thomas Neumann
Nitrogen Source Apportionment for the Catchment, Estuary, and Adjacent Coastal Waters of the River Scheldt
Jan E Vermaat, Steven Broekx, Bert Van Eck, Guy Engelen, Fritz Hellmann, Jean Luc De Kok, Hans Van der Kwast, Joachim Maes, Wim Salomons, and Willem Van Deursen
Progress Toward Sustainable Mussel Aquaculture in Mar Piccolo, Italy
Carmela Caroppo, Laura Giordano, Nadia Palmieri, Giovanna Bellio, Antonio Paride Bisci, Giuseppe Portacci, Patricia Sclafani, and Tom Sawyer Hopkins
Socioeconomic Response to Water Quality: a First Experience in Science and Policy Integration for the Izmit Bay Coastal System
Leyla Gamze Tolun, Seyla Ergenekon, Selda Murat Hocaoglu, Asli Suha Donertas, Tulay Cokacar, Sinan Husrevoglu, Colpan Polat Beken, and Ahmet Baban
Mussels and Yachts in Loch Fyne, Scotland: a Case Study of the Science-Policy Interface
Paul Tett, Branka Valcic, Tavis Potts, Callum Whyte, Fiona Culhane, and Teresa Fernandes
Environmental and Management Constraints on Tourism in Varna Bay, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast
Snejana Moncheva, Eleonora Racheva, Lyudmila Kamburska, and Johanna D'Hernoncourt
The impact of water quality changes on the socio-economic system of the Guadiana Estuary: an assessment of management options
Mª Helena E. Guimarães, André Mascarenhas, Carlos Sousa, Tomasz Boski, and Tomaz Ponce Dentinho
Addressing Sustainability of Clam Farming in the Venice Lagoon
Donata Melaku Canu, Pierpaolo Campostrini, Simona Dalla Riva, Roberto Pastres, Lara Pizzo, Luca Rossetto, and Cosimo Solidoro
Effects of Fishing Tourism in a Coastal Municipality: a Case Study from Risør, Norway
Erlend Moksness, Jakob Gjøsæter, Guillaume Lagaillarde, Eirik Mikkelsen, Esben Moland Olsen, Håkan T Sandersen, and Jon Helge Vølstad
Mussel Production and Water Framework Directive Targets in the Limfjord, Denmark: an Integrated Assessment for Use in System-Based Management
Grete E. Dinesen, Karen Timmermann, Eva Roth, Stiig Markager, Lars Ravn-Jonsen, Morten Hjorth, Marianne Holmer, and Josianne G. Støttrup
Modeling Soft Institutional Change and the Improvement of Freshwater Governance in the Coastal Zone
Rémi Mongruel, Jean Prou, Johanna Ballé-Béganton, Michel Lample, Alice Vanhoutte-Brunier, Harold Réthoret, José Antonio Pérez Agúndez, Françoise Vernier, Paul Bordenave, and Cédric Bacher
Participatory Social-Ecological Modeling in Eutrophication Management: the Case of Himmerfjärden, Sweden
Frida Franzén, Gerda Kinell, Jakob Walve, Ragnar Elmgren, and Tore Söderqvist
The Systems Approach Framework as a Complementary Methodology of Adaptive Management: a Case Study in the Urban Beaches of Barcelona
Ben Tomlinson, Sergio Sastre, Dolors Blasco, and Jorge Guillén
A Systems Approach Framework for the Transition to Sustainable Development: Potential Value Based on Coastal Experiments
Tom S. Hopkins , Denis Bailly, Ragnar Elmgren, Gillian Glegg, Audun Sandberg , and Josianne G. Støttrup
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087