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Balancing Ecology and Community using Cumulative Effects Models
Guest Editorial
Cumulative Effects Assessment: Linking Social, Ecological, and Governance Dimensions
Marian Weber, Naomi Krogman, and Terry Antoniuk
Looking Forward: Using Scenario Modeling to Support Regional Land Use Planning in Northern Yukon, Canada
Shawn R Francis and Jeff Hamm
Cumulative Effects Planning: Finding the Balance Using Choice Experiments
Amanda Spyce, Marian Weber, and Wiktor Adamowicz
Social Thresholds and their Translation into Social-ecological Management Practices
Lisa Christensen and Naomi Krogman
Social-Ecological Thresholds in a Changing Boreal Landscape: Insights from Cree Knowledge of the Lesser Slave Lake Region of Alberta, Canada
Brenda L Parlee, Karen Geertsema, and Allen Willier
The Challenge of Developing Social Indicators for Cumulative Effects Assessment and Land Use Planning
Ross E. Mitchell and John R. Parkins
Deliberative Democracy, Institution Building, and the Pragmatics of Cumulative Effects Assessment
John R Parkins
Scenario Analysis to Identify Viable Conservation Strategies in Paraguay’s Imperiled Atlantic Forest
Matthew J. Carlson, Ross Mitchell, and Laura Rodriguez
Threshold Considerations and Wetland Reclamation in Alberta’s Mineable Oil Sands
Lee Foote
Local Actions, Global Effects? Understanding the Circumstances in which Locally Beneficial Environmental Actions Cumulate to Have Global Effects
Thomas K Rudel
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