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Resilience and Vulnerability of Arid and Semi-Arid Social Ecological Systems
Guest Editorial
Assessing Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dryland Livelihood Systems: Conceptual Challenges and Interdisciplinary Solutions
Evan D. G. Fraser, Andrew J Dougill, Klaus Hubacek, Claire H. Quinn, Jan Sendzimir, and Mette Termansen
Anticipating Vulnerability to Climate Change in Dryland Pastoral Systems: Using Dynamic Systems Models for the Kalahari
Andrew J Dougill, Evan D.G. Fraser, and Mark S. Reed
Resilient or Vulnerable Livelihoods? Assessing Livelihood Dynamics and Trajectories in Rural Botswana
Susannah M Sallu, Chasca Twyman, and Lindsay C Stringer
Socioeconomics, Policy, or Climate Change: What is Driving Vulnerability in Southern Portugal?
María A. Máñez Costa, Eddy J. Moors, and Evan D. G. Fraser
Envisioning Adaptive Strategies to Change: Participatory Scenarios for Agropastoral Semiarid Systems in Nicaragua
Federica Ravera, David Tarrasón, and Elisabeth Simelton
China’s Grassland Contract Policy and its Impacts on Herder Ability to Benefit in Inner Mongolia: Tragic Feedbacks
Wenjun Li and Lynn Huntsinger
Rebuilding Resilience in the Sahel: Regreening in the Maradi and Zinder Regions of Niger
Jan Sendzimir, Chris P Reij, and Piotr Magnuszewski
Coping with Multiple Stresses in Rural South Africa
Claire H. Quinn, Gina Ziervogel, Anna Taylor, Takeshi Takama, and Frank Thomalla
Of Models and Meanings: Cultural Resilience in Social–Ecological Systems
Todd A. Crane
Climate Science, Development Practice, and Policy Interactions in Dryland Agroecological Systems
Chasca Twyman, Evan D. G. Fraser, Lindsay C. Stringer, C. Quinn, Andrew J. Dougill, Federica Ravera, Todd A. Crane, and Susannah M. Sallu
Vulnerability of Worldwide Pastoralism to Global Changes and Interdisciplinary Strategies for Sustainable Pastoralism
Shikui Dong, Lu Wen, Shiliang Liu, Xiangfeng Zhang, James P. Lassoie, Shaoliang Yi, Xiaoyan Li, Jinpeng Li, and Yuanyuan Li
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087