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Mental Models
Guest Editorial
Mental Models in Human–Environment Interactions: Theory, Policy Implications, and Methodological Explorations
Timothy Lynam and Katrina Brown
Waypoints on a Journey of Discovery: Mental Models in Human-Environment Interactions
Timothy Lynam, Raphael Mathevet, Michel Etienne, Samantha Stone-Jovicich, Anne Leitch, Nathalie Jones, Helen Ross, Derick Du Toit, Sharon Pollard, Harry Biggs, and Pascal Perez
Mental Models: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis of Theory and Methods
Natalie A Jones, Helen Ross, Timothy Lynam, Pascal Perez, and Anne Leitch
Using Consensus Analysis to Assess Mental Models about Water Use and Management in the Crocodile River Catchment, South Africa
Samantha S Stone-Jovicich, Timothy Lynam, Anne Leitch, and Natalie A Jones
ARDI: A Co-construction Method for Participatory Modeling in Natural Resources Management
Michel Etienne, Derick R Du Toit, and Sharon Pollard
The Potential Role of Mental Model Methodologies in Multistakeholder Negotiations: Integrated Water Resources Management in South Africa
Derick R Du Toit, Harry Biggs, and Sharon Pollard
Water Management in the Camargue Biosphere Reserve: Insights from Comparative Mental Models Analysis
Raphael Mathevet, Michel Etienne, Tim Lynam, and Coralie Calvet
Urban Ethnohydrology: Cultural Knowledge of Water Quality and Water Management in a Desert City
Meredith Gartin, Beatrice Crona, Amber Wutich, and Paul Westerhoff
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