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Managing Surprises in Complex Systems
Guest Editorial
Managing Surprises in Complex Systems: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience
P. H. Longstaff
Communication Management and Trust: Their Role in Building Resilience to “Surprises” Such As Natural Disasters, Pandemic Flu, and Terrorism
P. H. Longstaff and Sung-Un Yang
Disaster Preparation and Recovery: Lessons from Research on Resilience in Human Development
Ann S Masten and Jelena Obradović
Urban Systems during Disasters: Factors for Resilience
Deborah Wallace and Rodrick Wallace
Developmental Disorders as Pathological Resilience Domains
Rodrick Wallace
Resilience to Surprises through Communicative Planning
Bruce Evan Goldstein
Ecological and Human Community Resilience in Response to Natural Disasters
Lance Gunderson
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