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Do we need new management paradigms to achieve sustainability in tropical forests?
Guest Editorial
Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics: Is Everything in Order but the Patient Still Dying?
Robert Nasi and Peter G. H. Frost
Wildlife Conservation in Bornean Timber Concessions
Erik Meijaard, Douglas Sheil, Robert Nasi, and Scott A. Stanley
Sustainability of Mangrove Harvesting: How do Harvesters’ Perceptions Differ from Ecological Analysis?
Laura López-Hoffman, Ian E. Monroe, Enrique Narváez, Miguel Martínez-Ramos, and David D. Ackerly
Integrating Ecosystem Management, Protected Areas, and Mammal Conservation in the Brazilian Amazon
Claudia Azevedo-Ramos, Benedito Domingues do Amaral, Daniel C. Nepstad, Britaldo Soares Filho, and Robert Nasi
Are Direct Payments for Environmental Services Spelling Doom for Sustainable Forest Management in the Tropics?
Sven Wunder
Use of a Bayesian Belief Network to Predict the Impacts of Commercializing Non-timber Forest Products on Livelihoods
Adrian C Newton, Elaine Marshall, Kathrin Schreckenberg, Duncan Golicher, Dirk W te Velde, Fabrice Edouard, and Erik Arancibia
Domestic Forests: A New Paradigm for Integrating Local Communities’ Forestry into Tropical Forest Science
Geneviève Michon, Hubert de Foresta, Patrice Levang, and Francois Verdeaux
Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asian Timber Concessions: a Critical Evaluation of Policy Mechanisms and Guidelines
Rona A Dennis, Erik Meijaard, Robert Nasi, and Lena Gustafsson
Tropical Deforestation, Community Forests, and Protected Areas in the Maya Forest
David Barton Bray, Elvira Duran, Victor Hugo Ramos, Jean-Francois Mas, Alejandro Velazquez, Roan Balas McNab, Deborah Barry, and Jeremy Radachowsky
Stable Forest Cover under Increasing Populations of Swidden Cultivators in Central Laos: the Roles of Intrinsic Culture and Extrinsic Wildlife Trade
William G Robichaud, Anthony R. E. Sinclair, Naa Odarkor-Lanquaye, and Brian Klinkenberg
Assessing Sustainability of Logging Practices in the Congo Basin’s Managed Forests: the Issue of Commercial Species Recovery
Alain Karsenty and Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury
Considering Background Condition Effects in Tailoring Tropical Forest Management Systems for Sustainability
David S Hammond and Roderick J Zagt
Sustainable Forest Management in Cameroon Needs More than Approved Forest Management Plans
Paolo Omar Cerutti, Robert Nasi, and Luca Tacconi
Landscape-scale Approaches for Integrated Natural Resource Management in Tropical Forest Landscapes
Peter Frost, Bruce Campbell, Gabriel Medina, and Leonard Usongo
Accounting for the Ecological Dimension in Participatory Research and Development: Lessons Learned from Indonesia and Madagascar
Yves Laumonier, Robin Bourgeois, and Jean-Laurent Pfund
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