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Navigating Trade-offs: Working for Conservation and Development Outcomes
Guest Editorial
Navigating Trade-Offs: Working for Conservation and Development Outcomes
Bruce M Campbell, Jeffrey A Sayer, and Brian Walker
Balancing Development and Conservation? An Assessment of Livelihood and Environmental Outcomes of Nontimber Forest Product Trade in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
Koen Kusters, Ramadhani Achdiawan, Brian Belcher, and Manuel Ruiz Pérez
Facilitating Cooperation During Times Of Chaos: Spontaneous Orders And Muddling Through In Malinau District, Indonesia
Eva Wollenberg, Ramses Iwan, Godwin Limberg, Moira Moeliono, Steve Rhee, and Made Sudana
City Life in the Midst of the Forest: a Punan Hunter-Gatherer’s Vision of Conservation and Development
Patrice Levang, Soaduon Sitorus, and Edmond Dounias
A Review of Tools for Incorporating Community Knowledge, Preferences, and Values into Decision Making in Natural Resources Management
Timothy Lynam, Wil de Jong, Douglas Sheil, Trikurnianti Kusumanto, and Kirsten Evans
The Principles of Conservation and Development: Do They Apply in Malinau?
A K Boedhihartono, Petrus Gunarso, Patrice Levang, and Jeff Sayer
Will Forests Remain in the Face of Oil Palm Expansion? Simulating Change in Malinau, Indonesia
Marieke Sandker, Aritta Suwarno, and Bruce M Campbell
When Donors Get Cold Feet: the Community Conservation Concession in Setulang (Kalimantan, Indonesia) that Never Happened
Sven Wunder, Bruce Campbell, Peter GH Frost, Jeffrey A Sayer, Ramses Iwan, and Lini Wollenberg
Interactive Land-Use Planning in Indonesian Rain-Forest Landscapes: Reconnecting Plans to Practice
Eva Wollenberg, Bruce Campbell, Edmond Dounias, Petrus Gunarso, Moira Moeliono, and Douglas Sheil
Integrating Conservation and Development in the Peruvian Amazon
Catherine Kilbane Gockel and Leslie C. Gray
Addressing Trade-offs: Experiences from Conservation and Development Initiatives in the Mkuze Wetlands, South Africa
Annika C. Dahlberg and Catie Burlando
The Role of Participatory Modeling in Landscape Approaches to Reconcile Conservation and Development
Marieke Sandker, Bruce M. Campbell, Manuel Ruiz-Pérez, Jeffrey A. Sayer, Richard Cowling, Habtemariam Kassa, and Andrew T. Knight
Improving the Effectiveness of Interventions to Balance Conservation and Development: a Conceptual Framework
Stephen T Garnett, Jeffrey Sayer, and Johan du Toit
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