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Exploring Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
Guest Editorial
Exploring Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems Through Comparative Studies and Theory Development: Introduction to the Special Issue
Brian H Walker, John M Anderies, Ann P Kinzig, and Paul Ryan
A Handful of Heuristics and Some Propositions for Understanding Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
Brian Walker, Lance Gunderson, Ann Kinzig, Carl Folke, Steve Carpenter, and Lisen Schultz
Scale Mismatches in Social-Ecological Systems: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions
Graeme S Cumming, David H. M. Cumming, and Charles L Redman
Toward a Network Perspective of the Study of Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems
Marco A Janssen, Örjan Bodin, John M Anderies, Thomas Elmqvist, Henrik Ernstson, Ryan R. J. McAllister, Per Olsson, and Paul Ryan
Water RATs (Resilience, Adaptability, and Transformability) in Lake and Wetland Social-Ecological Systems
Lance H Gunderson, Steve R Carpenter, Carl Folke, Per Olsson, and Garry Peterson
Collapse and Reorganization in Social-Ecological Systems: Questions, Some Ideas, and Policy Implications
Nick Abel, David H. M. Cumming, and John M Anderies
Shooting the Rapids: Navigating Transitions to Adaptive Governance of Social-Ecological Systems
Per Olsson, Lance H Gunderson, Steve R Carpenter, Paul Ryan, Louis Lebel, Carl Folke, and C. S. Holling
Governance and the Capacity to Manage Resilience in Regional Social-Ecological Systems
Louis Lebel, John M Anderies, Bruce Campbell, Carl Folke, Steve Hatfield-Dodds, Terry P Hughes, and James Wilson
Resilience and Regime Shifts: Assessing Cascading Effects
Ann P Kinzig, Paul Ryan, Michel Etienne, Helen Allison, Thomas Elmqvist, and Brian H. Walker
Fifteen Weddings and a Funeral: Case Studies and Resilience-based Management
John M Anderies, Brian H Walker, and Ann P Kinzig
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