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Strengthening adaptive capacity

Guest Editorial
Powerless Spectators, Coping Actors, and Adaptive Co-managers: a Synthesis of the Role of Communities in Ecosystem Management
Christo Fabricius, Carl Folke, Georgina Cundill, and Lisen Schultz
Assessing the Importance of Woodland Landscape Locations for Both Local Communities and Conservation in Gorongosa and Muanza Districts, Sofala Province, Mozambique
Timothy Lynam, Robert T Cunliffe, and Isaac Mapaure
Social-Ecological Transformation for Ecosystem Management: the Development of Adaptive Co-management of a Wetland Landscape in Southern Sweden
Per Olsson, Carl Folke, and Thomas Hahn
History and Local Management of a Biodiversity-Rich, Urban Cultural Landscape
Stephan Barthel, Johan Colding, Thomas Elmqvist, and Carl Folke
Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being: a Participatory Study in a Mountain Community in Portugal
Elvira Pereira, Cibele Queiroz, Henrique Miguel Pereira, and Luis Vicente
Evaluating Responses in Complex Adaptive Systems: Insights on Water Management from the Southern African Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (SAfMA)
Erin Bohensky and Timothy Lynam
Foghorns to the Future: Using Knowledge and Transdisciplinarity to Navigate Complex Systems
Georgina N. R. Cundill, Christo Fabricius, and Neus Marti
Integrating Sacred Knowledge for Conservation: Cultures and Landscapes in Southwest China
Jianchu Xu, Erzi T Ma, Duojie Tashi, Yongshou Fu, Zhi Lu, and David Melick
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