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Challenges to Understanding and Managing Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in the Global South
Using dialogue to contextualize culture, ecosystem services, and cultural ecosystem services
Karen E Allen, Celia Castellano, and Sophia Pessagno
Ecosystems services research in action: reflexively valuing environments in the South Pacific
Chelsea E. Hunter and Matthew Lauer
Culture and parks: incorporating cultural ecosystem services into conservation in the Tibetan region of Southwest China
Jun He and Na Guo
"People should also look after the people": relational values of wildlife and collectively titled land in Ilkisongo Maasai group ranches in Southern Kenya
Ryan Unks, Mara J. Goldman, François Mialhe, and Joana Roque de Pinho
Residents' perceptions of the role and management of green spaces to provide cultural ecosystem services in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rumana Sultana and Samiya Ahmed Selim
Place attachment and perceptions of land-use change: cultural ecosystem services impacts of eucalyptus plantation expansion in Ubajay, Entre Ríos, Argentina
Theresa Selfa, Victoria Marini, and Jesse B. Abrams
Patriotism, place, and provisioning: assessing cultural ecosystem services through longitudinal and historical studies in Vietnam
Pamela McElwee, Hương Vũ, Giang Võ , and Dianne Lê
Conservation and indigenous cultures: learning from the Yanadi community in the Eastern Ghats, India
Diya Paul and Suresh Jones
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