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Managing local and global fisheries in the Anthropocene
Demographic variability and scales of agreement and disagreement over resource management restrictions
Tim R McClanahan and Caroline A Abunge
Integrating fisheries management into sustainable development planning
Katie K Arkema, Lauren A. Rogers, Jodie Toft, Alex Mesher, Katherine H Wyatt, Shenique Albury-Smith, Stacey Moultrie, Mary H Ruckelshaus, and Jameal Samhouri
Disputing nature in the Anthropocene: technology as friend and foe in the struggle to conserve wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Hannah L. Harrison, Janine Hauer, Jonas Ø. Nielsen, and Øystein Aas
Development of social-ecological conceptual models as the basis for an integrated ecosystem assessment framework in Southeast Alaska
Judith Rosellon-Druker, Marysia Szymkowiak, Curry J. Cunningham, Stephen Kasperski, Gordon H. Kruse, Jamal H. Moss, and Ellen M. Yasumiishi
On the creeping increase of vessels’ fishing power
Maria L. D. Palomares and Daniel Pauly
Social-ecological trends: managing the vulnerability of coastal fishing communities
Monalisa R. O. Silva, Maria G. Pennino, and Priscila F. M. Lopes
Iron triangles and subsidies: understanding the long-term role of the government on Swedish commercial fisheries
Jonas Hentati-Sundberg, Katharina Fryers Hellquist, and Andreas Duit
Local knowledge and democracy in fisheries management: a case study of adaptation to the Anthropocene in southeast Louisiana
Jacob E. Lipsman
Sea cucumbers in a pickle: the economic geography of the serial exploitation of sea cucumbers
Kathryn Rawson and Porter Hoagland
Assessment of Ostrom’s social-ecological system framework for the comanagement of small-scale marine fisheries in Colombia: from local fishers’ perspectives
Darlin Botto-Barrios and Lina M. Saavedra-Díaz
Economic value of small-scale sea cucumber fisheries under two contrasting management regimes
Maria Eggertsen, Hampus Eriksson, Matthew J. Slater, Caroline Raymond, and Maricela de la Torre-Castro
Combining ecosystem modeling with serious gaming in support of transboundary maritime spatial planning
Jeroen Steenbeek, Giovanni Romagnoni, Jacob W Bentley, Johanna J. Heymans, Natalia Serpetti, Magali Gonçalves, Carlos Santos, Harald Warmelink, Igor Mayer, Xander Keijser, Rhona Fairgrieve, and Lodewijk Abspoel
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