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Collaboration and conflicts in complex water governance systems across a development gradient
Guest Editorial
Collaboration and conflict in complex water governance systems across a development gradient: addressing common challenges and solutions
María Mancilla García, Jacob Hileman, and Örjan Bodin
Understanding what shapes varying perceptions of the procedural fairness of transboundary environmental decision-making processes
Matthew Hamilton
What makes collaborative water governance partnerships resilient to policy change? A comparative study of two cases in Ecuador
Paúl Cisneros
Water community networks and the appropriation of neoliberal practices: social technology, depoliticization, and resistance
Emilie Dupuits
The constitution of hydrosocial power: agribusiness and water scarcity in Ica, Peru
Gerardo H. Damonte
Context matters: horizontal and hierarchical network governance structures in Vietnam’s sanitation sector
Manuel Fischer, Mi Nguyen, and Linda Strande
Systemic coordination and the problem of seasonal harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie
Ramiro Berardo, V. Kelly Turner, and Stian Rice
Multilevel water quality management in the international Rhine catchment area: how to establish social-ecological fit through collaborative governance
Alexander Widmer, Laura Herzog, Andreas Moser, and Karin Ingold
The unique role of municipalities in integrated watershed governance arrangements: a new research frontier
María Mancilla García, Jacob Hileman, Örjan Bodin, Annika Nilsson, and Pedro Roberto Jacobi
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087