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Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability
Guest Editorial
Better balancing the social and natural dimensions in sustainability research
Lennart Olsson and Barry Ness
A critical realist inquiry in conducting interdisciplinary research: an analysis of LUCID examples
Maryam Nastar, Chad S. Boda, and Lennart Olsson
Social fields and natural systems: integrating knowledge about society and nature
Lennart Olsson and Anne Jerneck
The interdisciplinary decision problem: Popperian optimism and Kuhnian pessimism in forestry
Johannes Persson, Henrik Thorén, and Lennart Olsson
At the nexus of problem-solving and critical research
Yahia Mahmoud, Anne Jerneck, Annica Kronsell, and Karin Steen
Toward an alternative dialogue between the social and natural sciences
Johannes Persson, Alf Hornborg, Lennart Olsson, and Henrik Thorén
Finding an academic space: reflexivity among sustainability researchers
Åsa Knaggård, Barry Ness, and David Harnesk
Ecosystem services between integration and economics imperialism
Henrik Thorén and Sanna Stålhammar
Harnessing local knowledge for scientific knowledge production: challenges and pitfalls within evidence-based sustainability studies
Johannes Persson, Emma L. Johansson, and Lennart Olsson
Preparing the next generation of sustainability scientists
Alexander K. Killion, Kelley Sterle, Emily N. Bondank, Jillian R. Drabik, Abhinandan Bera, Sara Alian, Kristen A. Goodrich, Marcia Hale, Rachel A. Myer, Quang Phung, Aaron M. Shew, and Anastasia W. Thayer
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