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Designing Transformative spaces for sustainability in social-ecological systems
Guest Editorial
Designing transformative spaces for sustainability in social-ecological systems
Laura M. Pereira, Timothy Karpouzoglou, Niki Frantzeskaki, and Per Olsson
Transforming communicative spaces: the rhythm of gender in meetings in rural Solomon Islands
Michelle Dyer
Using futures methods to create transformative spaces: visions of a good Anthropocene in southern Africa
Laura M. Pereira, Tanja Hichert, Maike Hamann, Rika Preiser, and Reinette Biggs
Stories in social-ecological knowledge cocreation
Diego Galafassi, Tim M. Daw, Matilda Thyresson, Sergio Rosendo, Tomas Chaigneau, Salomão Bandeira, Lydiah Munyi, Ida Gabrielsson, and Katrina Brown
Seeking unconventional alliances and bridging innovations in spaces for transformative change: the seed sector and agricultural sustainability in Argentina
Patrick van Zwanenberg, Almendra Cremaschi, Martin Obaya, Anabel Marin, and Vanesa Lowenstein
Imagining transformative futures: participatory foresight for food systems change
Aniek Hebinck, Joost M. Vervoort, Paul Hebinck, Lucas Rutting, and Francesca Galli
Navigating emergence and system reflexivity as key transformative capacities: experiences from a Global Fellowship program
Michele-Lee Moore, Per Olsson, Warren Nilsson, Loretta Rose, and Frances R Westley
Creating transformative spaces for dialogue and action: reflecting on the experience of the Southern Africa Food Lab
Scott Drimie, Ralph Hamann, Annie P. Manderson, and Norah Mlondobozi
Transdisciplinary research as transformative space making for sustainability: enhancing propoor transformative agency in periurban contexts
Fiona Marshall, Jonathan Dolley, and Ritu Priya
Promoting agency for social-ecological transformation: a transformation-lab in the Xochimilco social-ecological system
Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, J. Mario Siqueiros-Garcia, Hallie Eakin, David Manuel-Navarrete, and Rebecca Shelton
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