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Full-Spectrum Evaluation of Sustainability: Insights from Fisheries in Canada
Guest Editorial
Full-spectrum sustainability: an alternative to fisheries management panaceas
Paul Foley, Evelyn Pinkerton, Melanie G. Wiber, and Robert L. Stephenson
Recommendations for full-spectrum sustainability in Canadian lobster integrated management plans based on a socioeconomic analysis of Barrington, Nova Scotia
Allain J. Barnett
Distribution of fishery benefits and community well-being: a review of increased access to the Eastern Nova Scotia snow crab fishery
Kevin Squires and Melanie G Wiber
Using conflict over risk management in the marine environment to strengthen measures of governance
Courtenay E. Parlee and Melanie G. Wiber
Alternative environmentalities: recasting the assessment of Canada’s first Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishery in social terms
Paul Foley, Dinah A. Okyere, and Charles Mather
The hidden role of processors in an individual transferable quota fishery
Danielle N Edwards and Evelyn Pinkerton
An indicator framework to support comprehensive approaches to sustainable fisheries management
Eric Angel, Danielle N. Edwards, Sarah Hawkshaw, Catarina Wor, and Courtenay E. Parlee
A comparison of sustainability objectives: how well does the Canadian Fisheries Research Network framework compare with fisheries, forestry, and aquaculture certification schemes?
Claire Mussells and Robert L. Stephenson
Practical use of full-spectrum sustainability in the Bay of Fundy
Owen P Jones and Robert L. Stephenson
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