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Practicing Panarchy: Assessing Legal Flexibility, Ecological Resilience, and Adaptive Governance in U.S. Regional Water Systems Experiencing Climate Change
The role of law in adaptive governance
Barbara A Cosens, Robin K Craig, Shana Lee Hirsch, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Melinda H Benson, Daniel A DeCaro, Ahjond S Garmestani, Hannah Gosnell, J.B. Ruhl, and Edella Schlager
Regime shifts and panarchies in regional scale social-ecological water systems
Lance Gunderson, Barbara A. Cosens, Brian C. Chaffin, Craig A. (Tony) Arnold, Alexander K. Fremier, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Robin Kundis Craig, Hannah Gosnell, Hannah E. Birge, Craig R. Allen, Melinda H. Benson, Ryan R Morrison, Mark C. Stone, Joseph A. Hamm, Kristine Nemec, Edella Schlager, and Dagmar Llewellyn
Legal and institutional foundations of adaptive environmental governance
Daniel A. DeCaro, Brian C. Chaffin, Edella Schlager, Ahjond S. Garmestani, and J.B. Ruhl
Understanding and applying principles of social cognition and decision making in adaptive environmental governance
Daniel A. DeCaro, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Emmanuel Frimpong Boamah, and Ahjond S. Garmestani
Balancing stability and flexibility in adaptive governance: an analysis of tools available in U.S. environmental law
Robin Kundis Craig, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Craig R. Allen, Craig Anthony (Tony) Arnold, Hannah Birgé, Daniel A DeCaro, Alexander K. Fremier, Hannah Gosnell, and Edella Schlager
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087