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Adaptation in Fire-Prone Landscapes: Interactions of Policies,  Management, Wildfire, and Social Networks in Oregon, USA
Guest Editorial
Adaptation in fire-prone landscapes: interactions of policies, management, wildfire, and social networks in Oregon, USA
Thomas A. Spies, Robert M. Scheller, and John P. Bolte
Diversity in forest management to reduce wildfire losses: implications for resilience
Susan Charnley, Thomas A. Spies, Ana M. G. Barros, Eric M. White, and Keith A. Olsen
Integrating Ecological and Social Knowledge: Learning from CHANS Research
Bruce Shindler, Thomas A. Spies, John P Bolte, and Jeffrey D. Kline
Using an agent-based model to examine forest management outcomes in a fire-prone landscape in Oregon, USA
Thomas A. Spies, Eric White, Alan Ager, Jeffrey D. Kline, John P Bolte, Emily K Platt, Keith A. Olsen, Robert J Pabst, Ana M.G. Barros, John D Bailey, Susan Charnley, Anita T Morzillo, Jennifer Koch, Michelle M Steen-Adams, Peter H Singleton, James Sulzman, Cynthia Schwartz, and Blair Csuti
Capacity to adapt to environmental change: evidence from a network of organizations concerned with increasing wildfire risk
A. Paige Fischer and Lorien Jasny
Spatiotemporal dynamics of simulated wildfire, forest management, and forest succession in central Oregon, USA
Ana M. G. Barros, Alan A. Ager, Michelle A. Day, Haiganoush K. Preisler, Thomas A. Spies, Eric White, Robert J Pabst, Keith A. Olsen, Emily Platt, John D. Bailey, and John P. Bolte
Examining the influence of biophysical conditions on wildland–urban interface homeowners’ wildfire risk mitigation activities in fire-prone landscapes
Christine S. Olsen, Jeffrey D. Kline, Alan A. Ager, Keith A. Olsen, and Karen C. Short
Applying information network analysis to fire-prone landscapes: implications for community resilience
Derric B Jacobs and Lori A Cramer
Integrating social science into empirical models of coupled human and natural systems
Jeffrey D Kline, Eric M White, A Paige Fischer, Michelle M Steen-Adams, Susan Charnley, Christine S Olsen, Thomas A Spies, and John D Bailey
Historical perspective on the influence of wildfire policy, law, and informal institutions on management and forest resilience in a multiownership, frequent-fire, coupled human and natural system in Oregon, USA
Michelle M Steen-Adams, Susan Charnley, and Mark D Adams
Effects of accelerated wildfire on future fire regimes and implications for the United States federal fire policy
Alan A. Ager, Ana M. G. Barros, Haiganoush K. Preisler, Michelle A. Day, Thomas A. Spies, John D. Bailey, and John P. Bolte
Ecology and Society. ISSN: 1708-3087