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Pathways of Resilience in a Rapidly Changing Alaska
Generalizable principles for ecosystem stewardship-based management of social-ecological systems: lessons learned from Alaska
Winslow D. Hansen
Parks, people, and change: the importance of multistakeholder engagement in adaptation planning for conserved areas
Corrine N. Knapp, F. Stuart Chapin III, Gary P. Kofinas, Nancy Fresco, Courtney Carothers, and Amy Craver
Impact of fuel costs on high-latitude subsistence activities
Todd Brinkman, Karonhiakta’tie B. Maracle, James Kelly, Michelle Vandyke, Andrew Firmin, and Anna Springsteen
Meeting institutional criteria for social resilience: a nested risk system model
Berill Blair, Amy L. Lovecraft, and Gary P. Kofinas
Seabirds as a subsistence and cultural resource in two remote Alaskan communities
Rebecca C. Young, Alexander S. Kitaysky, Courtney Carothers, and Ine Dorresteijn
Applications of resilience theory in management of a moose–hunter system in Alaska
Casey L Brown, Kalin A Kellie, Todd J Brinkman, Eugénie S Euskirchen, and Knut Kielland
Integrating local knowledge and science: economic consequences of driftwood harvest in a changing climate
Chas E Jones, Knut Kielland, Larry D Hinzman, and William S Schneider
Relevance of a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area to the Bering Strait Region: a Policy Analysis Using Resilience-Based Governance Principles
Kevin Hillmer-Pegram and Martin D. Robards
Climate-induced community relocations: using integrated social-ecological assessments to foster adaptation and resilience
Robin Bronen
Educating for resilience in the North: building a toolbox for teachers
Katie V. Spellman
The role of public education in governance for resilience in a rapidly changing Arctic
Douglas S Cost
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