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Biological Invasion Risks and the Public Good: an Economic Perspective. 2002. Perrings, C., M. Williamson, E. B. Barbier, D. Delfino, S. Dalmazzone, J. Shogren, P. Simmons and A. Watkinson

The following peer-reviewed responses to this article have been published

More Globally Coordinated Approach Needed to Control Aliens. 2002. Chapman, R.

How to Start an International Program to Deal with Invasive Species?. 2002. Nuņez, M.

Monitoring and Enforcement Must Back Any Policy Incentive Pertaining to Invasive Alien Species (IAS) Management. 2002. Amatya, P. and N. McCoy

Examples Help Demonstrate the Mechanisms Underlying the Development of Solutions. 2003. Gundel, P. E.

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