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Toward Integrated Analysis of Human Impacts on Forest Biodiversity: Lessons from Latin America. 2009. Newton, A. C., L. Cayuela, C. Echeverría, J. J. Armesto, R. F. Del Castillo, D. Golicher, D. Geneletti, M. Gonzalez-Espinosa, A. Huth, F. López-Barrera, L. Malizia, R. Manson, A. Premoli, N. Ramírez-Marcial, J.-M. Rey Benayas, N. Rüger, C. Smith-Ramírez and G. Williams-Linera

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Evolution of Forest Systems: the Role of Biogeochemical Cycles in Determining Sustainable Forestry Practices. 2009. Flueck, W. T.

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