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Title Editor(s) Date Closed
Challenges to Understanding and Managing Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES) in the Global South Pamela McElwee, Minna Hsu, Jun He Feature-in-progress
Resilience and Change in Arctic Alaska Gary Kofinas, Chanda Meek Feature-in-progress
Holistic Solutions Based on Nature: Unlocking the Potential of Green and Blue Infrastructure Erik Andersson, Dagmar Haase, Jakub Kronenberg, Manuel Wolff, Johannes Langemeyer, André Mascarenhas Feature-in-progress
High Nature Value Farming Systems in Europe Irina Herzon, Angela Lomba Feature-in-progress
Resilient Rural Futures Nicholas Cradock-Henry, Joanna Fountain, Thomas Wilson Feature-in-progress
Alaska's Salmon and People: Synthesizing Knowledge and Dimensions Courtney Carothers, Peter Westley, Jessica Black, Danielle Ringer Feature-in-progress
Managing local and global fisheries in the Anthropocene Sebastián Villasante, Manel Antelo Jun 2021
Conceptualizing, Analyzing, and Supporting Stewardship: Examining the role of civil society in environmental governance Michelle Johnson, Lindsay Campbell, Erika Svendsen Jun 2021
Beyond Social-Ecological Traps: Fostering Transformations towards Sustainability Per Olsson, Jessica Blythe, Henrik Österblom, Hampus Eriksson Jun 2021
Archetype Analysis in Sustainability Research Christoph Oberlack, Diana Sietz, Klaus Eisenack Jun 2021
Canada and Transboundary Fisheries Management in Changing Oceans: Taking Stock, Future Scenarios R. Sumaila, David VanderZwaag Jan 2021
Seeking sustainable pathways for land use in Latin America Juan Rocha, Nestor Mazzeo, Matias Piaggio, Miguel Carriquiri Sep 2020
Full-Spectrum Evaluation of Sustainability: Insights from Fisheries in Canada Evelyn Pinkerton, Melanie Wiber, Paul Foley, Robert Stephenson Jun 2020
Reconciling Art and Science for Sustainability Frances Westley, Marten Scheffer, and Carl Folke Jun 2020
Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability Lennart Olsson, Barry Ness Dec 2019
Twenty Years of Community Forestry in Cameroon: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Development Peter Minang, Lalisa Duguma, and Meine van Noordwijk Sep 2019
Collaboration and conflicts in complex water governance systems across a development gradient Örjan Bodin, María Mancilla García, Jacob Hileman Sep 2019
Ecosystems and Society: Interactions Among Climate, Land Use, Ecosystem Services, and Society Mark Borsuk Jul 2019
Ecosystem Services for Agroecological Transitions Danièle Magda, Christo Fabricius, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, Roger Martin-Clouaire Jul 2019
Best Paper Award (2004 to present) Marco Janssen Mar 2019
Transforming Conflicts over Natural Resources in the Global South for Social-Ecological Resilience Maarten Bavinck, Eleanor Fisher, Aklilu Amsalu Dec 2018
Telecoupling: A New Frontier for Global Sustainability Vanessa Hull and Jianguo Liu Dec 2018
Designing Transformative spaces for sustainability in social-ecological systems Timothy Karpouzoglou, Laura Pereira, Per Olsson, Niki Frantzeskaki Dec 2018
A brave new world: integrating human well-being in conservation Kelly Biedenweg and Nicole Gross-Camp Jun 2018
Sustainably Managing Freshwater Resources Suzie Greenhalgh and Oshadhi Samarasinghe Jun 2018
Adaptation in Fire-Prone Landscapes: Interactions of Policies, Management, Wildfire, and Social Networks in Oregon, USA Thomas Spies, Robert Scheller, and John Bolte Jun 2018
Private Land Conservation – Landowner Motives, Policies, and Outcomes of Conservation Measures in Unprotected Landscapes Michael Drescher and Jacob C. Brenner Jun 2018
Coupled Human-Coastal Ecosystems: Building Resilience through Teaching and Research Partnerships Anne Salomon, Ken Lertzman Mar 2018
Practicing Panarchy: Assessing Legal Flexibility, Ecological Resilience, and Adaptive Governance in U.S. Regional Water Systems Experiencing Climate Change Barbara Cosens, Lance Gunderson, and Brian Chaffin Mar 2018
Game-Changers and Transformative Social Innovation Flor Avelino, Rene Kemp, Julia Wittmayer, and Alex Haxeltine Dec 2017
The Politics, Design, and Effects of a Bioregional Approach: The Case of River Basin Organizations Dave Huitema and Sander Meijerink Jun 2017
Exploring Social-Ecological Resilience through the Lens of the Social Sciences: Contributions, Critical Reflections, and Constructive Debate Samantha Stone-Jovicich, Ryan Plummer, Katrina Brown, Bruce Goldstein, and Per Olsson Jun 2017
Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS): Knowledge for Sustainable Stewardship of Social-ecological Systems Albert Norström, Marja Spierenburg, Meriem Bouamrane, and Patricia Balvanera Mar 2017
Networking the Environment: Social Network Analysis in Environmental Management and Local Ecological Knowledge Studies M. Salpeteur, L. Calvet-Mir, I. Díaz-Reviriego, and V. Reyes-García Mar 2017
Small-Scale Societies and Environmental Transformations: Coevolutionary Dynamics Victoria Reyes-García and Marco Madella Mar 2017
Advancing Social-Ecological Research Through Teaching: Social-Ecological Systems Framework and Design Principles in Large Areas Natalie Ban and Michael Cox Mar 2017
Community-based Management of Environmental Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean Maria del Mar Delgado-Serrano, Jay Mistry, Bettina Matzdorf, and Grégoire Leclerc Mar 2017
Toward More Resilient Flood Risk Governance Peter Driessen, Marleen Van Rijswick, Zbigniew Kundzewicz, Dries Hegger, and Marloes Bakker Dec 2016
Ecological Restoration, Ecosystem Services, and Land Use Anne Tolvanen and James Aronson Dec 2016
Ecosystem Service Trade-offs across Global Contexts and Scales Jeannine Cavender-Bares, Stephen Polasky, Patricia Balvanera, Elizabeth King Dec 2016
Making Sense of Climate Change, Orientations to Adaptation Timothy Lynam, Iain Walker Dec 2016
The Governance of Adaptation Dave Huitema, Frans Berkhout, Catrien Termeer, Neil Adger, Ryan Plummer, and Daniel Mazmanian Sep 2016
Pathways of Resilience in a Rapidly Changing Alaska Gary Kofinas, Terry Chapin, and Amy Lovecraft Sep 2016
Why does hunting in tropical regions matter? Nathalie van Vliet and Robert Nasi Sep 2016
The Science and Practice of Ecology and Society Marco Janssen Sep 2016
Heterogeneity and Resilience of Human-Rangifer Systems: A CircumArctic Synthesis Gary Kofinas Jun 2016
Multicriteria Assessment of Food System Sustainability Hugo Alrøe, Henrik Moller, Jeppe Læssøe, and Egon Noe Mar 2016
Understanding Human Resilience in the Context of Interconnected Health and Social Systems Astier Almedom and Johan Bergström Dec 2015
Advancing the Understanding of Behavior in Social-Ecological Systems: Results from Lab and Field Experiments Marco Janssen, Therese Lindahl, and Jim Murphy Dec 2015
A Framework for Analyzing, Comparing, and Diagnosing Social-Ecological Systems Pieter Bots, Jan Sendzimir, and Maja Schlüter Dec 2015
Eco-Social Resilience Through Models of Public Participation in Scientific Research Heidi L. Ballard and Caren B. Cooper Sep 2015
Exploring Feedbacks in Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS) Jianguo Liu, Vanessa Hull, and Mao-Ning Tuanmu Sep 2015
Systems Science for Managing Europe’s Seas Laurence Mee, Tim O’Higgins, Alison Gilbert, and Philip Cooper Jun 2015
Applied Research for Enhancing Human Well-Being and Environmental Stewardship: Using Complexity Thinking in Southern Africa Carolyn Palmer, Reinette Biggs, Graeme Cumming Mar 2015
Cooperation, Local Communities, and Marine Social-Ecological Systems: New Findings from Latin America Sebastián Villasante and Henrik Österblom Mar 2015
Science and Governance in a Diverse World: Coproduction and Coproductive Capacities for Environmental Management Lorrae van Kerkhoff and Louis Lebel Mar 2015
Urban Water Governance Lennart Olsson and Brian Head Mar 2015
Conceptual, Methodological, Practical, and Ethical Challenges in Studying and Applying Indigenous Knowledge Courtney Carothers, Mark Moritz, and Rebecca Zarger Dec 2014
Global Water Governance: Challenges and Future Scope Claudia Pahl-Wostl and Joyeeta Gupta Dec 2014
REDD+ national policy networks: information flows, influence and coalitions for change Maria Brockhaus, Monica Di Gregorio, and Rachel Carmenta Dec 2014
Rebuilding Fisheries and Threatened Communities: the Social-Ecology of a Particularly Wicked Problem Barbara Neis and Rosemary Ommer Sep 2014
Understanding the Vulnerability and Sustainability of Urban Social-Ecological Systems in the Tropics: Perspectives from the City of San Juan Ariel E. Lugo and Mildred Alayón Sep 2014
Vulnerability and Adaptation to Oil Spills So-Min Cheong Jun 2014
Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Cultural Landscapes: Analysis and Management Options Tobias Plieninger, Claudia Bieling, Christian Schleyer, and Dan van der Horst Jun 2014
Resilience Through Multi-scalar Collaboration Bruce Evan Goldstein Jun 2014
Bridging Conservation and Development in Latin America and Africa: Changing Contexts, Changing Strategies Claudia Romero and Lisa Seales Jun 2014
Exploring Opportunities for Advancing Collaborative Adaptive Management (CAM): Integrating Experience and Practice Jim Berkley and David Galat Jun 2014
Education and Differential Vulnerability to Natural Disasters William Butz, Wolfgang Lutz, Jan Sendzimir, and Stefanie Andruchowitz Mar 2014
Beyond Carbon: Enabling Justice and Equity in REDD+ Across Levels of Governance Heike Schroeder, Thomas Sikor, and Constance McDermott Mar 2014
Nudging Evolution? Critical Exploration of the Potential and Limitations of the Concept of Institutional Fit for the Study and Adaptive Management of Social-Ecological Systems Katharine N. Farrell and Andreas Thiel Mar 2014
The Recent History and Practice of Local Fisheries in a Globalizing World Rosemary Ommer and Barbara Paterson Mar 2014
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Global Environmental Change Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Esteve Corbera, and Victoria Reyes-García Dec 2013
Understanding Adaptive Capacity in Forest Governance E. Carina Keskitalo Dec 2013
Ecosystem Services, Governance, and Stakeholder Participation Klaus Hubacek and Jouni Paavola Dec 2013
Ecological Restoration in Northern Regions Christer Nilsson and Ása Aradóttir Dec 2013
Integrating Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and Science in Natural Resource Management: Perspectives from Australia Erin Bohensky, James Butler, and Jocelyn Davies Sep 2013
Sustainable Land-Use Practices in Mountain Regions: Integrative Analysis of Ecosystem Dynamics Under Global Change, Social-Economic Impacts, and Policy Implications Andreas Rigling, Harald Bugmann, Alexandre Buttler Sep 2013
Law and Social-Ecological Resilience, Part II, Contributions from Law for Social-Ecological Resilience Symposium Stockholm, Sweden, 2010 Jonas Ebbesson and Ellen Hey Sep 2013
Law and Social-Ecological Resilience, Part I, Contributions from Resilience 2011 Craig R. Allen, Melinda Harm Benson, Jonas Ebbesson, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Ellen Hey Jun 2013
Applying Landscape Science to Natural Resource Management Guy Robinson and Doris Carson Mar 2013
A Social-Ecological Analysis of Diversified Farming Systems: Benefits, Costs, Obstacles, and Enabling Policy Frameworks Claire Kremen, Alastair Iles, and Christopher Bacon Mar 2013
Public policies and management of rural forests: lasting alliance or fool’s dialogue? Robert Nasi, Genevieve Michon, Gérard Balent Mar 2013
Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forest Management Alternatives in Europe Geerten Hengeveld, Bill Mason, Jean Michel Carnus Dec 2012
Urban ecological and social-ecological research in the City of Cape Town Pippin Anderson and Thomas Elmqvist Dec 2012
The Privilege to Fish Mimi E. Lam and Meaghan Calcari Dec 2012
A Systems Approach for Sustainable Development in Coastal Zones Tom Hopkins, Denis Bailly, Josianne Stottrup, Audun Sandberg, and Ragnar Elmgren Sep 2012
Transitions, Resilience and Governance: Linking Technological, Ecological and Political Systems Per Olsson, Victor Galaz, Jan-Peter Voss, Adrian Smith Sep 2012
Mental models in human - environment interactions: Theory, policy implications, and methodological explorations Timothy Lynam and Katrina Brown Sep 2012
Balancing Ecology and Community using Cumulative Effects Models Marian Weber and Naomi Krogman Jun 2012
Local Social and Environmental Impacts of Biofuels Laura German, George Schoneveld, and Pablo Pacheco Mar 2012
The Energy-Water Nexus: Managing the Links between Energy and Water for a Sustainable Future Karen Hussey, Jamie Pittock Mar 2012
Implementing Participatory Water Management: Recent Advances in Theory, Practice and Evaluation Yorck von Korff, Sabine Möllenkamp, Pieter Bots, Katherine Daniell, and Rianne Bijlsma Mar 2012
Compensation and Reward for Environmental Services in the Tropics Brent Swallow, Susan Poats, Hein Mallee, K.V. Raju Sep 2011
Resilience and Vulnerability of Arid and Semi-Arid Social Ecological Systems Evan D. G. Fraser, Claire Quinn, and Jan Sendzimir Sep 2011
Historical and Future Ranges of Variability Sally Duncan and K. Norman Johnson Sep 2011
Scale and Governance Kasper Kok, Tom Veldkamp Jun 2011
Long-term Vulnerability and Transformation Christo Fabricius, Michael Schoon Jun 2011
Landscape Scenarios and Multifunctionality – Making Land Use Assessment Operational Katharina Helming, Marta Perez-Soba Apr 2011
Effects of Roads and Traffic on Wildlife Populations and Landscape Function Rodney van der Ree, Jochen A. G. Jaeger, Edgar van der Grift, and Anthony P. Clevenger Apr 2011
Social Network Analysis in Natural Resource Governance Beatrice Crona, Klaus Hubacek Dec 2010
Catastrophic Thresholds, Perspectives, Definitions, and Applications Robert Washington-Allen, David Briske, and Hank Shugart Sep 2010
Risk mapping for avian influenza: a social-ecological problem Graeme Cumming Sep 2010
Realizing Water Transitions: The Role of Policy Entrepreneurs in Water Policy Change Dave Huitema, Sander Meijerink Jun 2010
Pathways to Resilient Salmon Ecosystems Daniel Bottom, Kim Jones, Charles Simenstad and Courtland Smith Jun 2010
Managing Surprises in Complex Systems: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Resilience Lance Gunderson and Pat Longstaff Jun 2010
Navigating Trade-offs: Working for Conservation and Development Outcomes Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Sayer, and Brian Walker Jun 2010
Do we need new management paradigms to achieve sustainability in tropical forests? Robert Nasi Dec 2009
New Methods for Adaptive Water Management Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Jan Sendzimir, Paul Jeffrey May 2009
The influence of human demography and agriculture on natural systems in the Neotropics Mitchell Aide, Ricardo Grau, and Ariel Lugo Dec 2008
Crossing Scales and Disciplines to Achieve Forest Sustainability: A Framework for Effective Integrated Modeling Brian Sturtevant, Christian Messier, Michael Papaik Jun 2008
Social Learning in Water Resources Management Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Erik Mostert, J. David Tabara Jun 2008
Assessing Risks to Wildlife Populations from Multiple Stressors Matthew Nicholson Mar 2008
The Conservation and Restoration of Old Growth in Frequent-fire Forests of the American West Dave Egan Nov 2007
Strengthening people's adaptive capacity for ecosystem management and human wellbeing: A Millennium Ecosystem Assessment special feature Christo Fabricius Jun 2007
Scale and Cross-scale Dynamics: Governance and Information in a Multi-level World David Cash Jun 2007
Scenarios of global ecosystem services Stephen Carpenter, Garry Peterson, Elena Bennett May 2007
Restoring Riverine Landscapes Christer Nilsson Apr 2007
Empirically Based, Agent-based Modeling Marco Janssen, Elinor Ostrom Dec 2006
Urban Sprawl Craig Allen Jun 2006
Exploring Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems: Comparative Studies and Theory Development Brian Walker, John Anderies, Paul Ryan, Ann Kinzig Apr 2006
Traditional Knowledge in Social-Ecological Systems Carl Folke Dec 2004
Human Ecosystems: Toward the Integration of Anthropology and Ecosystem Science Thomas Abel Dec 2003
Ralf Yorque Memorial Competition 2001 C. S. Holling Dec 2002
Integrated Natural Resource Management Bruce Campbell, Jeffrey Sayer Jun 2002
Interactive Science Education Clifton Lee Gass Jun 2002
Pollinator Decline James Cane, Vincent Tepedino Jun 2001
Genetically Modified Organisms C. S. Holling Jul 2000
McDonnell Centennial Essays C. S. Holling Dec 1999
Recent Advances in Ecological Theory and Practice C. S. Holling Dec 1999
Adaptive Management Barry Johnson Dec 1999
Sustainability and Resilience in Boreal Regions John Pastor Dec 1998
Science, Policy, and Advocacy Forum C. S. Holling Jun 1997
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