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Public Forum on Science, Policy, and Advocacy

Ecology is the study of the web of connections between the physical, the living, and the human. As a consequence, ecological issues demand insight from a diversity of viewpoints and require integration and synthesis of those viewpoints. Integration and synthesis can be advanced by working with people from other fields. Scientists from fields outside one's own, people from business, government, and citizens can all contribute to constructing new syntheses, as well as providing scientists with the opportunity to conduct novel or otherwise impracticable science. Such collaborations are most often fruitful when the participants share a specific policy issue that drives even a diverse group towards common ground. From this common ground, they can begin to develop the understanding that allows them to effectively confront the policy issue. At the same time, such collaborations can strain the accepted boundaries of science. They can challenge accepted values and blur traditional distinctions between advocacy and science.

Broadly, we have formulated questions for this open forum on the relationship between science and policy, around three main themes: Approaches; Bounding Disciplines; and Integration. Click on a topic below to follow the discussion. Reload this page to check for new postings.

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Science, Policy, and Advocacy
June 25 - July 1, 1997
Approaches, June 25 - 26 19 messages
Bounding disciplines, June 26 - 27 17 messages
Integration, June 30 - July 1 16 messages

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