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Table of Contents: Volume 19, Issue 3

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Resilient communities? Collapse and recovery of a social-ecological system in Arctic Norway
Else Grete Broderstad and Einar Eythórsson
Multiple pathways to sustainability in the city: the case of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson
“The fishery went away”: The impacts of long-term fishery closures on young people's experience and perception of fisheries employment in Newfoundland coastal communities
Nicole G. Power, Moss E. Norman, and Kathryne Dupré
Examining fire-prone forest landscapes as coupled human and natural systems
Thomas A Spies, Eric M. White, Jeffrey D Kline, A. Paige Fischer, Alan Ager, John Bailey, John Bolte, Jennifer Koch, Emily Platt, Christine S Olsen, Derric Jacobs, Bruce Shindler, Michelle M Steen-Adams, and Roger Hammer
A sense of change: media designers and artists communicating about complexity in social-ecological systems
Joost M. Vervoort, Diederik H. Keuskamp, Kasper Kok, Ron van Lammeren, Taconis Stolk, Tom (A.) Veldkamp, Joost Rekveld, Ronald Schelfhout, Bart Teklenburg, Andre Cavalheiro Borges, Silvia Jánoškóva, Willem Wits, Nicky Assmann, Erfan Abdi Dezfouli, Kate Cunningham, Berend Nordeman, and Hannah Rowlands
A mixed-methods analysis of social-ecological feedbacks between urbanization and forest persistence
Todd BenDor, Douglas A. Shoemaker, Jean-Claude Thill, Monica A. Dorning, and Ross K. Meentemeyer
The role played by social-ecological resilience as a method of integration in interdisciplinary research
Simone A. Beichler, Sanin Hasibovic, Bart Jan Davidse, and Sonja Deppisch
Three necessary conditions for establishing effective Sustainable Development Goals in the Anthropocene
Albert V. Norström, Astrid Dannenberg, Geoff McCarney, Manjana Milkoreit, Florian Diekert, Gustav Engström, Ram Fishman, Johan Gars, Efthymia Kyriakopoolou, Vassiliki Manoussi, Kyle Meng, Marc Metian, Mark Sanctuary, Maja Schlüter, Michael Schoon, Lisen Schultz, and Martin Sjöstedt
Toward increased engagement between academic and indigenous community partners in ecological research
Megan S. Adams, Jennifer Carpenter, Jess A. Housty, Douglass Neasloss, Paul C. Paquet, Christina Service, Jennifer Walkus, and Chris T. Darimont
Three perspectives on motivation and multicriteria assessment of organic food systems
Jeppe Læssøe, Anders Kruse Ljungdalh, Hugo F. Alrøe, Egon Noe, Tove Christensen, Alex Dubgaard, Søren Bøye Olsen, Niels Kærgård, and Peter Kastberg
Information and entropy theory for the sustainability of coupled human and natural systems
Audrey L. Mayer, Richard P. Donovan, and Christopher W. Pawlowski
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