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Understanding the Vulnerability and Sustainability of Urban Social-Ecological Systems in the Tropics: Perspectives from the City of San Juan
Uneven Access and Underuse of Ecological Amenities in Urban Parks of the Río Piedras Watershed
Luis E. Santiago, Julio C. Verdejo Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Elvia J. Melendez-Ackerman, and Diana C. Garcia-Montiel
Food Sources and Accessibility and Waste Disposal Patterns across an Urban Tropical Watershed: Implications for the Flow of Materials and Energy
Diana C. Garcia-Montiel, Julio C. Verdejo-Ortiz, Raul Santiago-Bartolomei, Cristina P. Vila-Ruiz, Luis Santiago, and Elvia Melendez-Ackerman
Green area loss in San Juan’s inner-ring suburban neighborhoods: a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing green/gray area dynamics
Luis E. Ramos-Santiago, Luis Villanueva-Cubero, Luis E. Santiago-Acevedo, and Yasha N. Rodriguez-Melendez
Tourism and climate conditions in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2000-2010
Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro, Jose J. Terrasa-Soler, Christian Torres-Peña, Paula Guzmán-González, Sulaine Rodríguez, Mariangely Alemán, and Tatiana Seguinot
Spatio-temporal variation in stream water chemistry in a tropical urban watershed
Alonso Ramírez, Keysa G. Rosas, Ariel E. Lugo, and Olga M. Ramos-González
Trends in total rainfall, heavy rain events, and number of dry days in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1955-2009
Pablo A. Méndez-Lázaro, Alejandro Nieves-Santiango, and Julieanne Miranda-Bermúdez
Multiple pathways to sustainability in the city: the case of San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tischa A. Muñoz-Erickson
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