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Exploring Opportunities for Advancing Collaborative Adaptive Management (CAM): Integrating Experience and Practice
Resilience in Transboundary Water Governance: the Okavango River Basin
Olivia O. Green, Barbara A. Cosens, and Ahjond S. Garmestani
Intermediate Collaborative Adaptive Management Strategies Build Stakeholder Capacity
Martha C. Monroe, Richard Plate, and Annie Oxarart
Collaborative Adaptive Management: Challenges and Opportunities
Lynn Scarlett
Practitioner Perceptions of Adaptive Management Implementation in the United States
Melinda Harm Benson and Asako B. Stone
Integrating Collaboration, Adaptive Management, and Scenario-Planning: Experiences at Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
Jeremy K. Caves, Gitanjali S. Bodner, Karen Simms, Larry A. Fisher, and Tahnee Robertson
Do Adaptive Comanagement Processes Lead to Adaptive Comanagement Outcomes? A Multicase Study of Long-term Outcomes Associated with the National Riparian Service Teamís Place-based Riparian Assistance
Jill A. Smedstad and Hannah Gosnell
Navigating a Murky Adaptive Comanagement Governance Network: Agua Fria Watershed, Arizona, USA
Cameron Childs, Abigail M. York, Dave White, Michael L. Schoon, and Gitanjali S. Bodner
Lessons Learned from the First Decade of Adaptive Management in Comprehensive Everglades Restoration
Andrew J. LoSchiavo, Ronnie G. Best, Rebecca E. Burns, Susan Gray, Matthew C. Harwell, Eliza B. Hines, Agnes R. McLean, Tom St. Clair, Steve Traxler, and James W. Vearil
Results Chains: a Tool for Conservation Action Design, Management, and Evaluation
Richard Margoluis, Caroline Stem, Vinaya Swaminathan, Marcia Brown, Arlyne Johnson, Guillermo Placci, Nick Salafsky, and Ilke Tilders
Insight into Enabling Adaptive Management
Lorne A. Greig, David R. Marmorek, Carol Murray, and Donald C. E. Robinson
Designing Collaborative Processes for Adaptive Management: Four Structures for Multistakeholder Collaboration
Jennifer D. Pratt Miles
Opportunities for Collaborative Adaptive Management Progress: Integrating Stakeholder Assessments into Progress Measurement
Jim Berkley
Summary: Addressing the Interactional Challenges of Moving Collaborative Adaptive Management From Theory to Practice
Kathi K. Beratan
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