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Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Cultural Landscapes: Analysis and Management Options
Exploring Futures of Ecosystem Services in Cultural Landscapes through Participatory Scenario Development in the Swabian Alb, Germany
Tobias Plieninger, Claudia Bieling, Bettina Ohnesorge, Harald Schaich, Christian Schleyer, and Franziska Wolff
Management Effectiveness and Land Cover Change in Dynamic Cultural Landscapes—Assessing a Central European Biosphere Reserve
Bettina Ohnesorge, Tobias Plieninger, and Patrick Hostert
Ecosystem Services are Social–ecological Services in a Traditional Pastoral System: the Case of California’s Mediterranean Rangelands
Lynn Huntsinger and José L. Oviedo
Adapting Human Well-being Frameworks for Ecosystem Service Assessments across Diverse Landscapes
Amy Villamagna and Craig Giesecke
Balancing Ecosystem Services and Disservices: Smallholder Farmers’ Use and Management of Forest and Trees in an Agricultural Landscape in Southwestern Ethiopia
Tola Gemechu Ango, Lowe Börjeson, Feyera Senbeta, and Kristoffer Hylander
Social Capital and Social-Ecological Resilience in the Asteroussia Mountains, Southern Crete, Greece
Thanasis Kizos, Vassilis Detsis, Theodoros Iosifides, and Minas Metaxakis
Drivers of Change in Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes: Implications for Better Management
Hongyan Gu and Suneetha M. Subramanian
A Classification of Landscape Services to Support Local Landscape Planning
María Vallés-Planells, Francisco Galiana, and Veerle Van Eetvelde
Conserving agrobiodiversity amid global change, migration, and nontraditional livelihood networks: the dynamic uses of cultural landscape knowledge
Karl S. Zimmerer
Resilience-Based Perspectives to Guiding High-Nature-Value Farmland through Socioeconomic Change
Tobias Plieninger and Claudia Bieling
Book Review
Book Review: Plieninger, T., and C. Bieling. 2012. Resilience and the Cultural Landscape – Understanding and Managing Change in Human-Shaped Environments. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Jennifer Hauck
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