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Hot adaptation: what conflict can contribute to collaborative natural resource management. 2014. Laws, D., D. Hogendoorn and H. Karl

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David Galat on Jun 07, 2014 15:50:58
David Galat on Jun 09, 2014 11:57:08

Author submitted discussion question

Authors of each paper in this Special Issue submitted a question to stimulate interactive communication among readers and authors.  You are encouraged to initiate a dialog by responding to the following question:

How does the high level of scientific and technical content shape managers’ willingness and ability to engage affected stakeholders in CAM regimes?  Do they experience tensions or see involving stakeholders as risking a ‘dumbing–down’ of complex choices?  What risks do they see from leaving stakeholders out?  What contributions have they seen stakeholders make to the quality of decisions?  What practical strategies have they developed to cope with such risks and the tensions they experience as managers? 

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