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Model-Based Estimation of Collision Risks of Predatory Birds with Wind Turbines. 2012. Eichhorn, M., K. Johst, R. Seppelt and M. Drechsler

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Comments on Eichhorn et al.
Sjoerd Dirksen on Nov 20, 2012 11:11:05

Reading this paper brought up some comments and questions.

In the introduction, it is stated 'Collisions result in high mortality rates, particularly....'. In many cases, collisions do certainly not result in high mortality rates, so why the authors make such a general claim is unclear. I don't think it can be held.

A little further, this claim, and/or the relation of this to raptors, is backed up with references, amongst which Krijgsveld et al. 2009. I was one of her co-authors. We did not find/report a single raptor as collision victim in this study, nor did we claim that collision rates in general lead to high mortality rates.


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